Sunday, November 30, 2008

That was FUN!

Fun, indeed! I'm not sure if I am talking about the Open House at Primitiques or Thanksgiving with the Snakelover Family. What a flurry of fun!

We spent Wednesday evening and then all day Thanksgiving at The Bandera Saloon. Rocky, Snakelover's cousin, owns the joint. Needless to say, we were treated as family!

Here's Snakelover and his Girl Child. Isn't she just beautiful?

Snakelover and I don't mind mugging for the camera!
It's a tradition now. When we go to The Bandera Saloon, I leave a little graffiti behind on our dining table. The "forever" part was suggested by Snakelover's Mom. Reckon she likes me?

Here's Rocky and Grandma Vi. She was just barely willing to slow down for a picture to be taken!
Only in Texas do we gather around a Texas Longhorn named Oreo for a Thanksgiving family photo! That's Aunt Connie up in the saddle.
We made it back to our neck of the woods and the excitement built for the Open House at Primitiques.

Lots of folks came out and bargains were had! It was so nice to meet Trish, a reader of my blog, and Linda, who I had heard of for months. Debbie and Danny made it, as well as Liz and Fran. Oops! I should never have started naming names, huh? Mom, Aunt Nancy, LucyJane, folks I saw, but didn't meet.

And y'all...Snakelover can work a room! He was chasing folks down to pass out coupons. He manned the refreshment table. He was just a charming host. Who would expect less?

Check out this screen door saver. I felt clever when I came up with this. The hanging balls "Bring on the Festive", eh?
Vintage, bright pink balls. I was so happy when I found these on our roadtrip to Bandera for Thanksgiving. That is a Pink that Pops!

An old military picture.

The bedazzled and bejeweled Christmas tree.

I love this chicken waterer Christmas tree! Festive, isn't it?

Want to see more pictures? Here are mine and here are Snakelovers...I think we'll both have more up later, so check back. Whew! Tis the season for some fun and exciting times!


  1. I'm about to go look at your extra pictures and snakelover's too, but I have to say that it looks like you guys had a blast on Thanksgiving. Snakelover's daughter is beautiful indeed. I also love the picture of you and snakelover...forever, how sweet. Love your glasses too. Ok, off to look at photos.

  2. It was nice to meet you, Mindy. Thanks so much for my plates! Poetry is a pretty place and we enjoyed our ride out to Primitiques. - Trish

  3. Thanks for inviting us. Loved the refreshment, if you know what I mean. Debbie

  4. Looks like your holiday week was splendid! Love your store displays too!


  5. FOREVER! You heard the lady! ;-)

    I had a blast in Bandera and at the Primitiques open house. You know I love that you love family! And it was great getting to hang out with all the nice folks on Saturday afternoon at the store. The open house was a huge success! You did WELL, baby!


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