Friday, April 23, 2010


It's Friday, which means that tomorrow is Saturday and the day after that is Sunday. Yup. It is what many of us refer to as THE WEEKEND. Yee Haw!

Whatcha doin? Big plans? Gardening? Shopping? Nesting?

Here's what I'm doing. Thelma, I mean Robelyn, and I (Louise) are hittin' the road. We're playin' hooky from life. We are stoppin' at every single garage sale that we deem worthy, come "rain are shine!" If you don't ask, then we won't tell. What happens in my 1995 Ford F150, stays in my 1995 Ford F150. We are carrying cash and we aren't afraid to trade for it.
OHhh! You wanna know if a mason jar will be involved?
I couldn't begin to tell you.

Happy Weekend!


  1. you two crazy girlies stay out of trouble! right.

  2. Malakoff is having there "Cornbread Festival" if you are around that way!

    Hope y'all have a blast!

  3. Girl you are sooooo funny! I love to read your blog.....have a great weekend! I will be blinging, pricing and getting my goodies ready for Canton next week! HAPPY JUNKIN!! Cathy

  4. Sounds like a whole heap of fun!

    If you must know, I cannot drink from a Mason jar without dribbling it all over myself. LOL

    Hope you girls find lots of goodies! Can't wait to see!!

    Happy hunting,

  5. Janet, don't take the fun out of things. Ha!

    Lezlee, how can one go wrong with cornbread? Alas, the truck is not programmed to take us that direction tomorrow.

    Cathy, thank ya! Blinging? Did you say blinging? How much fun is that!?

    Teresa, David has the same "issue" with drinking out of a mason jar. I think this has to do with your upbringing or something. I am dribble free. ha!

  6. If you make a wrong turn and end up down this way, call me! I'll run away from life, too!



  7. Oh my gosh - I hope you gals have way too much fun and that there are at least 2 mason jars involved!!! Another reason I now know I have to get to Texas - when my friend Barb and I first started in this business we also called ourselves Thelma and Louise - and even had that on our price tags!!! You two gals are just trouble - guess that's why I like ya!! Hope you score lots of treasures - and even more fun!

  8. Whatever mischief you get into...don't expect me to come bail you out!

  9. Sounds like FUN! I wish I lived closer! Can't wait to hear about the deals you find!

  10. We'll all be waiting to see what kind of trouble you are gettin' into. and all the goodies you are "tradin" for! ha ha!

  11. Teresa, everytime I try to drink out of a mason jar, I get my lip cross-threaded I guess!

    Mindy, glad you and Robelyn had a fun time!

  12. We're baaack! The truck was loaded high and we are thrilled with out bargains. Debbie, no need for bail, we steered clear of the law. We set the gps for a destination that would take 1 hour to reach. And we reached the destination about 4 hours later! haha Lots of stops along the way! Pictures of goodies to come. We forgot to take pictures along the way. Oops!

  13. Oh my! Sounds like a lot of fun. Photos girls, we need photos.

  14. Uh HUH it was fun!!! Ah... the garage sales, the company...

    When we goin' again?

    ;-) robelyn

  15. Read about your adventure on Robelyn's site. Glad you all made it back without a bailout involved!


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