Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And The Party Never Ends

Saturday. Destination McKinney. GPS says it's a 56 minute trip from my house. Left around 10 o'clock in the morning. Arrived around 2 o'clock in the pm. Might you say that Robelyn is a bit of a distraction? Ok, maybe it's not her. Maybe it was all those green and orange and yellow garage sales signs! Go here to read about our adventures en route. Thelma and Louise inspired us all day long.

When we made it to McKinney, we high tailed it straight to And The Party Never Ends. One of the owners, Lisa, and I went to high school together (just a couple years ago). She and her gal pal, Susan, just opened this kick booty store together.
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 068
Let me take this opportunity to show you around. It was so worth the 56 minute-4 hour drive!
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 007
Loving those colors! Here's what they say about their store: "Located in McKinney's historic downtown, And The Party Never Ends provides a new venue to shop for one of a kind items. Specializing in vintage furniture pieces, accessories, home decor, apparel and fresh flowers." Annnd, they can also assist you in event planning. With plenty of experience under their belts, I think they are a shoe in for success!
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 054
Lovin' this chair and the art.
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 056
Tick tock.
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 041
Pretty vintage slip/dress/beauty! Check out those pink pearls!
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 037
These cows are saying, "Mooooo've me into your home!" I want these cows. I love these cows. I might just need these cows. Uh huh!
I love these cows.
We can all use a little...
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 011
Here's what I'm saying...head to the old bank on the square at 115 E. Virginia Street in McKinney, Texas and be ready for a Party. These ladies know how to gear you up!
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 004
Lisa and Susan, thank you for your hospitality! We look forward to visiting again, because at your place, it goes without saying...."And the Party Never Ends!"
2010April24_AndthePartyNeverEnds 042
To view all of the pictures I took at the store, click HERE. Don't forget, the slideshow option is a good thing.

Thelma, aka Robelyn, you get to pick our next road trip. Where to? Maybe we can take pictures along the way next time. I did take a picture of something that rocks. Literally! I'll share that tomorrow.

Happy Shopping and Sales everyone!


  1. Well you know...I used to make deposits at that S&L...looks like it's time to make a few more!

  2. Okay - so. Here's my plan (I've been giving this thought the past few minutes.). We get in the truck - we head towards Hico. We will have to use your GPS because to me... that's in the Dallas Area. what?!!? THEN! We loop 'round back to Lisa and Susan's store because oh-my-gosh The Party REALLY DOESN'T END!!!

    What a fun FUN shop they have! You guys have to go! With every direction you look there is something that you missed the other 25 times you walked through their store - new stuff, old stuff, cool stuff, awesome stuff, gorgeous stuff... have to see for yourself! And the display pieces? Kick Booty (yeah - I pirated your words there.) Oh! And the vault doors... I want one of those!

    So - when are we going again? I'm ready - cash in hand, mason jar... big tote purse - and my camera!!! What are you doing this week-end? hahahaha HA!

    ;-) robelyn

  3. Debbie! I totally, momentarily forgot your history with McKinney! Indeed, your old stomping grounds. You could entertain Lisa and Susan for hours with your memories. I love it!

    Robelyn, you're on your own this weekend. After all, you have to go buy a GPS, don't you? haha HA!

  4. Great pics, my love! I really like how they're using the cherub to display the purse!

  5. Ya'll need to pack up and hit the road to Hico for the Homestead show May 7th and 8th!!! It is a great, fun little Texas town and there will be some awesome vendors in this show....us included!! LOL Not "tooting" our horn, but just thought I would throw that in there!!! Some of our friends from Lone Star Antique mall will be there and you would love their "junk"!!! Headed to Canton in the morning and still a list a MILE long to get done....Happy Trails, Cathy

  6. All I'm sayin' is it looks like a whole bunch of fun was had by you two! Great pictures. If you get too hot in the summer, it's usually a little cooler up here in Washington State. we've got FarmChicks the first weekend in June, too!

  7. Looks like loads of fun and lot's of good stuff!

  8. You guys are nothin' but trouble! And I say that with the utmost affection and admiration! ;-)

    My dad is from McKinney, looks like the sleepy little town got cool, eh?


  9. The cows are great. Love the sunflower painting too!


  10. Hi Mindy
    Just stopped by to see what trouble you have been up to and it sounds like plenty of fun... wish I was there!
    Have a great week

  11. That is so funny! I have done that so many times. I love it though, don't you?. I t sounds like it was a fun time for all and you finally make it. What a fabulous life we get to live. Blessings, Marta.

  12. That cow print would look good with your spring chair. I love to stop at all the G.Sales. We hit another mother load auction this weekend. WE HAVE GOT TO STOP!

  13. AND YOU DIDN'T COME SEE ME?? seriously I have 5 seconds around the corner!! I would have bought you a glass of sweet tea at "Sauce"!!
    hUGS TO ya!

  14. You two need to road trip to Nebraska!! Or I need to head to Texas! What fun!!


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