Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Fascination

I have a new fascination. Cow bones. I don't know why, but I really like them. Maybe it's the texture. Maybe it's the bleached out white they turn from being in the sun so long. Here's my most recent acquisition, a pelvis. It's big and it's cool. Would you have a cow pelvis in your home somewhere? I think I'll put this one on my coffee table. Maybe on the shelf under the glass. Hmmmm...
Now. Help me out on this one. What is it?
2010April13 003
I think I like it most, because I don't know what it is...the possibilities are endless. A towel rack? A sign holder? That wood round piece rolls. Hmmm....what was it? What would you do with it?
2010April13 004
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love that dang thing, whatever it is...do you think it was a music stand? I would hang a wreath on it or a chalkboard.

    Glad you are enjoying all our wine posts. I bet you think I have a drinking problem? I kinda do. Just kinda. Does junk kinda count as a drinking problem?

    Have fun with that stand thingy...Andrea

  2. I love the stand but have no idea as to what it is. As far as liking cow bones, I think maybe therapy is in order. Jan

  3. I would only have a cow pelvis in my home if it was still connected to a rump roast or a juicy round steak. ;-) I'm kidding. I would have to see how you used it.

    My guess is the roller stand is for material handling of some kind. Say you're ripping a long board through a table saw by yourself. You might have something like that to catch and hold up the end of the board. Lookie here...


  4. My granny once had one of those and she used it for wringing out her kitchen towels and papa's jeans before hanging them out on the line to dry.

  5. So my guess of a red neck T.P. holder would be wrong?
    Sorry girlie...you're on your own with the cow pelvis...only pelvis I can relate to is Elvis!

  6. David is right on the money with the roller thing! Mike has a couple of old ones in his shop and they come in real handy when he is building or ripping some real long boards - like the ones he came home with today - he took apart an old railroad car! And came home with the door - which is awesome! Your cow pelvis would probably look great hanging on it!!

  7. I don't understand the fascination with cow bones either. Antlers gross me out too. But Whatever floats your boat.

    Love that "think" whatever it is.

  8. well you got cow bones and a stand.. Guess a meat market stand for the paper to wrap the meat.. Now I am assuming they are a match set right.. ;)
    I see bones and my first thought is were is the spray paint I need to make them hot pink or yellow but that is just me..

  9. Hi Mindy
    I think your pelvis is perfect. One of our dealers had some horns or something and I just loved em but they were too pricey for me. Can't wait to see where you end up putting it. Have a great week ahead.

    Warm wishes

  10. The rolly thing is awesome, endless possibilities! And I haven't a stinkin' clue what any of them might be, LOL!!!

    We sold TONS of cow bones in Bar W Field, it got to be ridiculous. Effie actually had an entire cow vertebrae that some dealers from Marburger came by and purchased! Weird and wonderful!


  11. Dear Mindy,

    I love the cow pelvis...call me weird but one day I hope to have several large bone specimens through out the gardens...

    Well...now that I've reread that...perhaps one...but a REALLY BIG one!

    Love whatever that stand is...if my bathroom were bigger...I'd be reserving it and driving down this weekend...but alas...it's too crowded...

    Thanks for visiting and leaving your sweet post and the extra info...I agree with you...it does look like a milk weed beetle! Thanks...anything I should know about this little critter? Wait what am I thinking? You're busy...I run investigate now! Thanks again!



  12. I am always collecting bones- some might call it morbid, but I love it. Have cow bones(there are alot on our property from long ago), and bones of alot of little creatures. Love your roller stand too!!

  13. Okay...a. what's debbie sayin' about rednecks? huh.

    b. Jenn is so me - I like that about her... how about... lime green?

    c. I know what you should do with the roller thingy... store it at my house.

    d. A PELVIS?!!? Really? do you know how cool that would look with some duct tape on it? I'm just sayin'.

    I have two words for you: TREND. SETTER.

    ;-) robelyn

  14. My husband is an avid hunter and we have TONS of bones and skulls and antlers and horns. Not because he ever kills an animal but he picks them up off the ground while he is out hunting. When my son was a sophomore in highschool they had to make a model of the digestive system. You know those skeletons that hang in Dr.'s offices? Well we had enough bones and skulls to make one. Then we used all sorts of things from around the house including vacuum hose and chewed bubble gum (salivary glands) for the digestive system. We hung it from a projector screen stand and voila! Pretty interesting to say the least. When his teacher saw him coming into the classroom it literally frightened her. She said "Where did you get all those bones"? My son said "We just have them lying around the house!". She was a little surprised by that, to say the least. HAHA!

  15. Well, I don't really care for the bones, but do have a fascination with cemeteries and how people died. Went to Mesa Verde and didn't see any burial places and of course had to ask what they did with the dead. Pushed them off the cliff, go figure.

    Love reading you blog and all your creative ideas!!

  16. How'd you know it was a pelvis? I'm not sure I would have guessed pelvis. I think I need to brush up on my anatomy.

    That stand thing reminds me of a music stand, but not quite....not a clue. I'm sure you'll put it to good use though!



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