Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jack's Garden

My store, Primitiques, is located inside of Jack's Town & Country (aka Poetry Feed & Seed) in Poetry, Texas, just north of Terrell. Wait til you see what is going on in the yard between the feed store and Jumpin' Jacks convenience store and grill.

Costeen, the feed store manager has a vision. He has ideas. He is growing his dreams one seed at a time. Let me introduce you to Jack's Garden. Over the past couple months, this grassy yard has grown into a virtual park like atmosphere.
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 015
The garden is so inviting with shade trees and benches. You can come visit. Sit and chill. Read a book. Grab a burger and munch. The bird watching is prime!
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 055
You can also harvest yourself some lettuce or other goodies when they're ready. I know I saw some onions that are about ripe for the pickin'.
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 044
Some beautiful statuary and concrete pieces have been placed in the garden. I think you will have to sweet talk Jeannie, the store owner, into selling them to you, though. 2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 021
Costeen can also hook you up with 4" vegetable plants and bulk seed. Click here for more garden pictures.
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 036
I left this wonderful 10' long table out in front of the store Sunday and you should see it now.
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 029
Costeen has loaded it up with plant life. We'll clear it off for you after you buy it though! Click here for more table pictures.
2010April26_PrimitiquesnJacks 025
Poetry just got more beautiful and I had no idea it was possible!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a lovely place to go. I love your long table. I can only imagine how gorgeous it must look filled with flowers:) I might have to be on the lookout for one for my deck here in CT. Thank you for the inspiration:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. It looks heavenly!
    Hey, ya think that table'd strap on top of my Ford Escape???


  3. Debra and Debra, it's amazing. Looks great with the plants on it.

    Anne, sure, we can strap it on. But, I wouldn't be surprised if your tires pop! It's heavy! haha

  4. Mindy -
    Jack's garden looks so inviting :) I am always in envy of everyone else garden, I don't have a green thumb :) Your table is gorgeous, I bet it is stunning covered with plants :)

  5. Dear Sweet Mindy,

    Ahhh Poetry is a piece of Heaven on earth and I know cause we visited there! If I could and I know I should...I would choose Poetry to live out my remaining years...peace, beauty, townspeople who are welcoming and REAL! May God's blessings continue on this beautiful haven and on you dear friend...

    Your comment on my recent blog made me smile first cause I've so been there on the password situation...heck fire spit...but you captured my heart with your heartfelt and caring words...thank you dear friend for caring enough to share and support our familly during this most difficult time.

    Blessings to you and your beautiful life...God did good work when he created you!



  6. Cool table. The garden looks I spy a little snail?

  7. Awesome garden! I kinda want to plant a little something, but we're still getting frost. I need to wait. Right now my daughter has a strawberry plant in a pot and it spends most of its time inside.

  8. Hey Mindy!

    I am just catching up on all of your fabulous posts. I missed a lot! I am loving all of your new finds...that coat hanger art and the industrial light! Your trip with Robelyn looked like fun and I am wishing I was sitting in that garden right now! That is my kinda place.

    Enjoy the weekend,

  9. Oh.... I want to just sit and watch things grow. Seriously. I'm on my way right now. LOL

    That table is the coolest thing I think I've seen in... a while!

    ;-) robelyn

  10. Debbie, there are 2 snails. But, again, I'm not sure if Jeannie will sell.


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