Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rain are Shine!

Just a quick post. Poetry Community Antiques and Yard Sale will be held this Saturday, May 16 at 8:00am. Yee Haw!

One day, my folks were driving around garage sale-ing when they saw a yard sale sign that said "Open Rain are Shine" on it. They laughed so hard! So, now we say it all the time.

I hope to see some locals at Primitiques this Saturday, come rain are shine. Mayron tells me she is bringing out come cool metal stuff to set up with me. One of my regular customers is bringing vintage jewelry to sell. We have several garage sale folks setting up. I think we're going to have a good turn out. Come see us!

I just heard this scoop. Go here to find out about a new shop in Athens. It seems many of my favorite dealers are going to be in one place! How dadgum convenient is this going to be? Yee haw!

I am limited to computer access these days, so if you haven't heard from me, don't be hatin'. I miss you.

Happy Day!


  1. If only I lived closer!
    It sounds like a great time!
    Am I jealous...heck yeah!
    Have fun and bring back lots of goodies to share!

  2. Sad to missing all the fun! Please post lots of pics!

  3. Here's hoping for sunshine! I am just hoping it will quit snowing here!

  4. How is it they couldn't spell the three letter word? I hope y'all have nothing but blue skies and sunshine! Oh, and lots of shoppers!!!!

  5. Would love to make it to the sale! No free time to travel this weekend, unfortunately, though a couple of friends and I were hoping to take the back roads from San Antonio to Ft. Worth. But... it's not gonna work out for us. I heard about the Athens antiques mall at an auction Tuesday. It must be all that... Kristi

  6. I will be there! Rain are shine!


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