Friday, April 9, 2010

My Space at Zapp

I thought I'd wrap up the antique week talk by sharing some pictures of my space at Zapp. It was one fun show! We sold cow ribs, prosthetic feet, chairs, lamps, taxidermy heads, and well, a whole lot of stuff! Thank you to all of you who came by to visit and shop. It's always fun meeting new people and seeing familiar faces!
2010March26April4_Zapp 055
The silver goblets had to be laid down, as the winds were fairly strong this day.
2010March26April4_Zapp 010
Here's a touch of elegance.
2010March26April4_Zapp 015
The big ole trash can made for a fine table.
2010March26April4_Zapp 012
Here's a line of feet.
2010March26April4_Zapp 025
This was a fun vignette! If you'd like to see all of my pictures from the show, click HERE. And if you'd like to peruse David's pictures, click HERE. (the slideshow is a good way to go when viewing)
2010March26April4_Zapp 046
Most of you who visit, know that I like to reset constantly. As things sell, it is my excuse to shake things up in my space. I am well aware that all my whims aren't accomplished by me alone. At this time, I'd like to introduce you to my crew who rotated in and out during the 9 day show. Please indulge me while I say thanks.

Thanks Mom!
Thanks to my sister, Kelly.
Me and my sista
Thanks to my friend of many decades, Staci.
Staci at Zapp
Thanks to my newest friend and cohort, Robelyn!
Robelyn - Theee red.neck chic
And a big ole thank you to the man who supports me, believes in me and loves me. David. (And he happens to like resetting just as much as I do!)
David shares a grin
Make plans now to visit in the fall, Friday, Sept 24 through Saturday, Oct 3. Robelyn and I (and maybe the crew) will be back in full force! Who knows what kind of prosthetics I may find for the next show!?
2010March26April4_Zapp 056
Happy Weekend!


  1. LOLOLOL nuthin' like some spare body parts layin' around...


    I LOVED being part of your crew and I'm skeert you're stuck with me for a verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy long time new friend and cohort!!! Thank You for letting me play with you!!! It was so much fun - and such an honor!!!

    Now - I'm off... I think I'll look for some body parts of some kind...
    (MALisa should have a ball with that comment...)

    ;-) robelyn

  2. Looks like soooooooo much fun, I WILL see you one day in Texas ...gosh, did that sound like a threat? I guess it is, but a good one ; )


  3. okay, wait. i didn't know you had a crew! uh, you and martha stewart! now i get it!

    your space was amazing and the part of the crew i met i adore! can't wait to meet the rest of team mindy!

  4. I just left David's blog...what a hoot...and the pictures of Warrington...did I spell that right...anywho...fab...loved looking at all the familiar faces... but you my dear have such a beautiful just light up the world around you....looked like fun. Just checking on my peeps...maybe next year we can go!

  5. I totally missed you! I can't believe that I was there all that time and still missed seeing so many pals! working the shows has it's disadvantages....but there is always next time! Loved your photos! You are done posting??? I am just getting started!

  6. Hey, that's my foot in the first pic! ;-)

    What I mean is, for your fans and readers, is that I bought that very foot from you. I figured I needed a foot to balance out all the industrial glove molds I purchased. Which means I need to buy MORE feet from you. Gots any left???

    Resetting is great fun, I'd do the same thing. :-)


  7. I sure had a fun time, my love! Already planning for the fall!

  8. Oh my gosh ~ How pretty your space is and how much fun I bet you had ~
    Thank you for sharing with us ~

  9. You had a jim dandy of a crew. It's amazing to me how much Staci looks like Mayron or maybe it's just that photo.

  10. It's beautiful Mindy! Your mom looks so does your sister! Congrats on a successful show!

  11. Your booth was WONDERFUL! Thanks for the deals. Since it was almost closing time by the time I got to Warrenton, it is nice to see pictures of all I missed! Lovely. I may have to consider coming earlier next year???

  12. Mr. Flannery and I were just talking about you guys and RNC today and thinking that a road trip to Texas is an absolute MUST. Your stuff looks so awesome and you all seem to have so much fun - we are soooo jealous!!! One day soon you'll have the gang from Minnesota knocking at your door (you'll probably hear Mike's Harley long before we actually knock tho!!)

  13. Mindy, your photos are great and really nice booth. Your mother and sister and of coarse David are such devoted are so blessed! One of these days I am going to make it to Texas too. blessings, carrell

  14. I love all your pictures! Your space looked beautiful. In the line of chairs, the first one - I have! I salvaged it from a neighbor's trash heap while you were's a picture. I love it!

    Happy Monday!

  15. Oops. It's not the same chair after all, but the cut-out design is super similar. I just have no clue...sorry. :-)

  16. Hi Mindy
    Your booth was amazing and so are you! Very talented...
    Glad you had a good show and it was so nice to meet you in person!

  17. Mindy,
    You did a great job on your booth! Very inspirational!!! It was so nice to get to see ya and visit for a while.


  18. Mindy, you had such great things in your space, so innovative, really love seeing all the photos from David, too. RNC is a really great cohort! Glad she was there. Her purses are so cool!

  19. Such rusty, crusty goodness and beauty! What fun!

  20. Mindy, I'm so bummed I didn't get to come down for the show and see you and David, and shop your amazing booth. Lots of fantastic finds there, Mindy. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from you!


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