Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just Hangin'

Sooo, today I got up out of my Springer Chairs and did a little shopping. Wouldn't you know it, I found some good stuff for hanging.

Check this out.
Clothes Hanger Art
It's clothes hanger art! (Well, that's what I'm calling it.) Janet at Sweet Talk recently had a rant and rave and nervous breakdown about her issues with hangers. Bless her heart. Maybe if we taught her how to make art out of tangled hangers, she could put the rose colored glasses back on and find peace.

Do you see it? They taped the bottoms of the hangers together and used some metal something-or-another in the middle, to help it keep form.

There is a chain that hangs from the top. I am thinking this would be way cute with earrings hanging off each hook in my dressing area. Crystals. Uh huh. Whatever. Now, we'll just see if I can let this baby go. hmmmm....

Next up, on my list of hanging finds today, is this horsehair plaster wall decor with mirror.
Horsehair Plaster Mirror
When I first picked it up, I thought it might be new. Resin (God forbid), I feared. Then I turned it over.
2010April22_Goodies 004
This thing has been hanging and celebrating Earth Day, many moons longer than I have. It's old and gorgeous!

Now, if you have been hanging with my blog very long, you know good and well I save the best for last (usually). So, are you ready? Wanna see what I think is the bomb? It's fairly big. It's fairly heavy. It's fairly amazing. Check it out...
Industrial Fixture
We'll just call it an industrial light fixture. Check out this angle.
Light Fixture
Uh huh. Now. To figure out if it will hang in my kitchen or if I'll let it hang out somewhere else. hmmm I'm leaning toward unadulterated selfishness.

Thank you for hanging with me today. If you would, David's girl child, Alissa, has started her very own blog. Click here, go hang with her, and give her some words of love. Goooo Alissa!
me and Alissa
Happy Thursday!



    BE SELFISH!!! Hang that whopper of a light fixture in your kitchen! Mindy - that thing ROCKS!!! Geesh... you have me drooling and thankful I'm not plugging a light in or anything right now. LOL

    The mirror ROCKS for earth day - and I'm currently gathering wire hangers... I'll send 'em to Janet. LOLOL

    I'm using Alissa as my mentor - except I already slipped and added sugar to my coffee. I'll go visit her again...

    ;-) robelyn

  2. can't believe you're draggin' up an issue i thought was behind me! really.

    i hope you didn't pay for that...what did you call it? ART. that *ART* dealer should have paid you to haul it off!

    i think *ART* is officially insulted today!

    but now it's got me to thinkin' and that's never good!

    all these years i've been cussing tangled coat hangers and all i had to do was grab some spray paint and turn them into ART! to think.

    watch out fall warrenton i see a craft project in my future!

    btw...what color would you and your red.neck girlfriend like?

  3. Loving it all, girl. Is it selfish to keep things...I think not. After all, we are the original recyclers!

  4. Janet, what I didn't mention, is that I bought two of the art pieces. Art, like Vacation Bible School Art. Ya know? In through the nose, out through the ya!

  5. Robelyn and Debbie, we might have to start a support group for Janet. Bless her heart!

    Glad y'all like it all. ~Mindy

  6. beginnin' to think i'm not the one with the issue....after're the one that bought two pieces of *ART*!

    wonder what color debbie wants?

    coat hangers + me = one fun support group!

    love ya back!

    p.s. i say keep the light! i call it cherry picking! it's our right for looking at all the bad stuff in order to find the great stuff!

  7. What a great light fixture!! I can see that over a cool island or dining room table or? I say Keep It!

  8. I had no idea that was a light fixture at first. I was what in the world...

    Cool finds. Can't wait to see the light hanging in your kitchen.

  9. I love your mirror, its so pretty!!! Great art!

  10. I'm liking the white wire "thingy" -- I can really see pearls hanging on it & I love the mirror but I'm kind of going along with Janet -- the "metal light thingy" doesn't really do much for me. I'll probably have to see it hanging in your kitchen before I can appreciate it. Sorry! Jan

  11. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?? LOVE IT!! You have been doing some good "junkin"! Cathy

  12. Mindy, you always find the coolest junk! Hope you find more today:)

  13. That light is fabulous Mindy!!!
    I don't think it's selfish at all to keep that beauty!!!
    That mirror is to die for!!!!
    Great finds girlfriend!!

  14. Mindy, thank you for leaving a comment. I'm from Texas and we met @ Zapp. You were so busy that you probably can't remember. I love your blog and style. I could have spend hours visiting with you. I hope I can make it to your shop someday. Blessings, Marta.

  15. Don't you two gals like peas in a pod?!! Nice tan, Mindy. Is it your Zapp Hall spring tan?

  16. That is the oldest bug zapper I've ever seen


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