Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Shopping Thrills

I stepped outside this morning and sniffed good deals in the air, so I hit the road. Check out this pile o' goodies!
Pile o' Goodies
That metal sculpture (on the left) that might have once been a lamp? Mine!
Good Stuff
I got 4 of these fun chippy shutters.
Prepare yourself. This is cool. What is it? I dunno. A tractor bumper?
Funky Bumper
And here is that rocker that I mentioned earlier this week. More pics can be seen here. Super clean. Super comfy. It's good.
Comfy Rocker
I absolutely love the smell of bargains! Don't you?

Happy Thursday!


  1. I am always amazed at the cool things you find! I never see things like that at a sale! And I love your blog! Always upbeat and fun! Thanks!

  2. I bet those bargains smelled REAL GOOD!

    I bought a wire basket like your tall one while I was up at Warrenton. It looked to me like a great laundry basket for my oldest son. He still brings his laundry home. LOL

    Happy hunting,

  3. Can you just pile your treasures on that superly fantastic 10' table and give em a push up north please???????

  4. I bow down to you, oh finder of the bestest stuff!

  5. Lovin' all your cool finds !!

  6. mindy,
    you find the COOLEST stuff! oh how i love that metal wire and galvanized boxes.
    what a great day for you!
    judi ;)

  7. How much are those bins???? Love all your wonderful finds.


  8. I can see that big ole "bumper" in a rustic lodge in front of a big ole stone fireplace as a screen.

  9. Great finds! You really get unique things.

  10. Paul Wall ain't got nothin' on that grill!

  11. You ALWAYS find the best stuff! You have to warn me when you are going junkin' so I can put on my camos and follow you! ;)

  12. I think that it is a truck bumper. It would make a nice border and trelis in a garden.

  13. That tractor bumper needs to live in front of my fireplace.
    I'm just sayin'.


  14. next time you go out to look for stuff, please take me along!!!!

  15. I don't even know what to say! Seriously - that bumper is da' bomb!!! Oh my gosh - I see headboard - footboard - i like the fire screen idea - how cool would it be with back lighting? uhmmm... wall art! The coolest decor in the world for a boys room - a game room - my living room! geesh...

    I like it ALL!!! I like that sniffin' nose you've got!!! And the chair? It rocks....

    ;-) robelyn

  16. Pam, I love that idea!

    Deb, I had to google Paul Wall. Ha! Never heard of him.

    Mr. Flannery, what were you doing up so late?

    Y'all don't need to come shopping with can come shop at my stores! ~Mindy

  17. Whatever that big iron thing is, its cool! I can just see it in a garden.

  18. Mindy - I took a nap in the afternoon and got my biorhythms all out of wack. I found three of those steel bin things today at an estate sale. $6 for all three.

  19. Yes, I do love your big iron thang! Lezlee

  20. Oh, Mindy, I'm just swooning over all that wire ware - it's one of my favorite things!


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