Friday, April 16, 2010

What do you do?

When I go shopping, I have different reactions to things I like.

Sometimes, I get giddy, thinking of specific customers and clients that might scoop it up from my store.

Sometimes, my heart races, hoping the price is within my range because I want it for me.

Sometimes, I stop in my tracks, not caring what the price is, but giving homage to the greatness of whatever I am seeing.

And sometimes. I cuss. Seriously.

Yesterday, I spent the morning restocking at Winnie & Tulula's. I was on my way out when I stopped dead in my tracks at Lillie's space. I didn't get giddy. My heart did not race. Time stood still and I said. Out loud. A cuss word.

Holy (not) Cow. Wanna see? These are not kick booty. They are SOOOO much more! They aren't darn good. They are quite a bit more than that! Oh. Yes. I would have slapped my very own Momma had she been there. It's a good thing she wasn't.

2010April16_Chairs 004
Look. Two.
2010April16_Chairs 005
2010April16_Chairs 002
They are mine! Alllll mine! At my house! In my house! I might cuss again, I like 'em so much!!!

So, tell me. What do you do when you see something worthy?

Happy Weekend!

ps. To anyone in W&T's who may have heard me cuss, I apologize. *grin*


  1. I am also giddy when I find something that I just love..........It seems lately there are exceptionl deals out there and it makes the look and hunt more thrilling... xo MARY

  2. recently, I just prepare myself to be told it's "sold already". Yuck!!!

    Love the chairs, glad you got em.


  3. I pretty much say "Holy (not) Cow" just like you do. :)

  4. I second that Holy #$@%! Awesome pair, you lucky girl!

  5. Holy#@%$*! Indeed!!! Pretty much my reaction when I saw your chairs! They are awesome! And I know that giddy feeling when you see something so spectacular you know you just got to have it and you ask the price and just occasionally they come back with a number so low that you have to bite your tongue and hold your jaw so it doesn't hit the ground and then very nonchanantly say, "okay, guess I'll take it!" Then out to your vehicle screaming (inside) all the way!!

  6. Sa-WEET!!

    First thing I usually do is fight off my 3 junk sisters, then hang on tight!!

  7. Those sure are some kick not butt chairs!

  8. Those are seriously awesome. I tried to buy a pair of red ones just like that from an antique dealer who refused to sell them to me...the audacity! When I see something like that, I try to be all cool about it, but then I realize I'm holding my breath. And looking around to see if anyone else is noticing the awesomeness. And I try to act know, so they won't notice the awesomeness and compete with me!

  9. don't know what you paid for those - but as we used to say in the 70s - girl, you peed .. (that means you are better than most) what you have there .. are a pair of almost rare, definitely desirable Art Deco era Kem Weber Springer Chairs .. commonly referred to as the Lloyd Weber Springer Chair .. designed by Kem Weber - who died in 1963 - they were made by the Lloyd Corporation, a division of Heywood Wakefield ..

    wonderful save ..

    keep them ..


  10. Very, very cool chairs you found! Kudos to Troy for the info, too!

    btw, I linked to you in today's post at my place. Hope that's ok with you. If not, too late now. ;-) jk, jk!

  11. Mindy - Fabulous chairs. I would have grabbed them too. Check out the photo of a chair that I just posted on Hogs and Roses.

  12. I'm always thrilled when someone really likes my junk. I was told they were from the 40's. Who cares I just thought they were way cool. The guy I bought them from said he has two more but he wants to keep them, for a while at least. Enjoy.

  13. MINDY!!!!!!!! I just love it how you shop for me... so those will be in my house... when? ROFLMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GIRL! I'm cussing right now.

    And I love Kris's comment... did she nail the whole way things happen or what?!!?


    Okay - I'll wait until next week to move them in to my living room... thank you for thinking of me.


  14. Andy has one of those chairs in his saddle shop. Bright red - goes well with his western collection. Came from a barber shop. He wants to know if they are for sale?! Susan

  15. Great find Mindy...I love chairs like that!

  16. That is the Holy $#!t right there! Girl, you just gave me a good laugh. I am new to bloggerville. Would love to have you drop by. I think you will really appreciate my last post. It's about thrifting therapy and the mention of possibly throwing-down the gal next to me. ha!

    oh and I do have a pic of J.D that all the lady's are really responding 2. Because I care.(beats hand to chest two times!)

    tin roof rusted,


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