Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cloche, Contraption & Running Boards

2010April114 003
It's a cow head. I know. Some of you aren't into the bones. But, you know how big a cow head is, right?

Have you ever seen a cloche big enough for a cow head and more?
2010April114 011
Seriously! Isn't this divine? I bet I could cram an entire cow in that thing if I wanted. It's that big!
Remember this contraption from yesterday?
2010April13 003
One of my facebook buddies informed me real quick about it's function. Debbie said: "It's a stand used in woodworking. You balance the front end of a board on it while you're running it threw a table saw longways. It's like another pair of hands to catch the board and keep it steady so it doesn't get off kilter, catch on the blade and make a big mess."

Shortly thereafter, David sent this info identifying it as a "work mover". Well, now we all know! I am going to throw a roll of toilet paper, as suggested by Debbie. Love it!

Now. You know those running boards on pickups? Also known as side steps? Check out these shelves made out of diamond plate and grooved metal.
2010April114 019
Picture 6 of these stacked up on a wall with cool chotskies or trophies or cow bones.
2010April114 020
Uh huh. You're starting to like the cow bones, aren't you?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!

    I see cow bones on the shelves. I think you've warped me. Oh wait... that would totally fit in to the single-wide, huh?

    I am drooling over the cloche - and the shelves? Uhmmm.... Uh.... I want those. I could line them up along the side of the single-wide... running boards maybe?

    ;-) robelyn

  2. My husband has one of your "contraptions" and uses it just as Debbie described when he is working on a project and needs an extra pair of hands. It saves me from a lot of "Honey, I need your help" moments. He calls it Marge. :)

  3. That is some big cloche! I like the idea of putting a roll of toilet paper on the contraption!

  4. Oh, my gosh, I think you are becoming a West Texas girl...liking cow bones and all. Very cool what you did with it too!

  5. You would have to grind the cow first to get the entire thing in the cloche. Cows are really big. You can call it "Homage to Ronald". I don't have any extra bones lying around, but I do have a couple of big fossils, about 300 million years old. I do have some 1900 anatomy charts. With flip up intestines and all. And I have had a set of diamond plate running boards in my storage for years, thinking what great shelves they will make. Damn, there must be some Texas in me somewhere.

  6. LOVE the cloche, not the bones...but I know where a bunch are on some fence posts and as soon as my brother goes to sleep...and I need me one of them there work movers, cause that's the job I always end up with.."Hold that board straight , Lezlee, don't let it fall" That's the end all the saw dust flies,too. Lezlee

  7. Admission: Never heard of a cloche. I had no idea when I clicked over. I am so unsophisticated.


  8. I really love the cloche...the bones thing is kind of unexpected from you though...eeeeeekkkkk I think a statue and a clock with gloves is way better!hehe

  9. mega cloche...kinda the bones...but we have two newer versions of the *work movers* - we call them our "extra set of hands." yay!!

    toilet paper? it could work!

  10. ok, I have a steer skull, bleached from the sun, out in one of my flower beds. That's fine, but in the house? Under glass?

    I have to think on that one some more. LOL

    Seriously, I want to do what you do, soon as I get to retire. I'm not kidding. Can I come shadow you sometime?

  11. Hi Mindy - thanks for your visit! You are certainly welcome to the buttons on my sidebar! I borrowed them from someone else, too!

    I'm keeping up with W&T's! You look like a busy gal - and that IS a huge cloche. I love bones, too. I have two cowheads at my farmhouse. Of course, they're outside and not in a cloche, but love them, I do!

  12. omg Mindy I swear to you I put the cow pelvis under the cloche BEFORE I ran over to your blog! Great minds think alike! Weird...


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