Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Collections and Creativity

Do you know Janet Jones Romine of Sweet Talk? This gal has got it going on! I popped in on her at Cole's and drooled all over her ironstone collection.
Janet's space at Cole's
Check out how creative she is displaying her wares.
Janet's space at Cole's
Anything with old paint brushes makes me happy. I just like 'em!
Thanks Janet, for letting me share your space!
Me and Janet
photo courtesy of David

Are you ready for more creativity? It is my joy to introduce Jennifer Habeck of Salvage Style. Jen's space is at Zapp Hall and every single time I walked by her space, I just had to stop and grin at how stinkin' creative she is!
Salvage Style
I guess you could say I got a kick out of her space!
Salvage Style
What you are looking at here is the top of an old wooden door. I suppose it had the glass in it and Jen threw a mat and photo in the window.
Salvage Style
I am thinking that some of David's photos would love to be framed up in some old doors and windows! Uh huh!
Salvage Style
Great ideas! Thanks Jen, for letting me share your space. See you next Fall!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love that Janet!!! Dang... next show I'm going to visit her and loiter and see how much I can take home with me. LOLOL

    And Jennifer? She has it goin' on! LOVE the door frame!!!

    ;-) I'm going to hang up my paint brushes. right. now.


  2. aw-shucks! thanks mindy sue! you can come drool on my ironstone any time you want!

  3. I love those plates hanging from the clip boards. Very creative, TFS

  4. I love the cool stuff you guys sell, but I really adore your bling. You both had awesome necklaces!

  5. Great display ideas! Keep those photos comin'!


  6. Now that's a new way to hang a plate! Never seen one like that!

  7. Janet is one little powerhouse of talent and cute to boot! Love her!!!

  8. Mindy, I missed seeing u this time. Janet rocks doesn't she! Your photos are so awesome! Keep the post post'n!


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