Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Shoes and More Time

Boston. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we are headed to Boston for a 4th of July vacation. It will be me & David, his mom and his daughter, his aunt, uncle and cousin. Thanks everyone for making suggestions of things to do while there. I've been given this brief summary of our itinerary. Friday - dinner cruise and fireworks. Saturday - historical reenactments. Sunday - whale watching and a visit to the aquarium. Monday - a clam dig/bake. Tuesday - free day. Any and all of this is subject to change.

I sounded fairly calm in that first paragraph, didn't I? Well, I am not. I am freaking out. From this point on, pretend that I have eaten a lot of chocolate and drank a lot of caffeine. (I haven't really, but I feel like it) Here goes:

We leave next Friday. I know, that's over a week away. Let me point out to you, that is only 1 weekend away. And have I mentioned I have a full time, non-junking job during the week? Oh, dear!

Today, I dragged a clothes rack into my bedroom and started trying to figure out just what one wears to each of the aforementioned activities. This is kinda like putting tape in the driveway and presetting before the grand opening of W&T's. Preparation. It seems like a good way to go.
I wondered where more clothes were and remembered the clothes rack in my guest bedroom. Yes. I have closets. But, somehow, the racks get filled, too.
That's more like it. More choices. Now I just need to garanimal them up. (Do you remember garanamals?)
No skirts or dresses yet. Do I need those? What is the weather like day and night in Boston? Shoes. I need shoes for each of the outfits I take. Will we be walking a lot? I am very sure I would rather be more comfortable than cute. But, I wanna be both!

Oh, dear. My comfy shoes are tired. And worn looking. That's not nice.
Eeek! I need a pedicure. And I need new shoes. And the Red Shed Girls are having a sale this Saturday. When will I get new shoes and a pedicure?

This shoe is cute and comfy. Also well worn. And, where is the other one? I am clueless.
I need to make a run to Athens to visit Winnie & Tulula's. Yes, I have another load to take. And the tires on the big truck are about naked of rubber and the radials are showing. When do I have time to get new tires? That's kinda one of those can't put it off things, isn't it? Ugh.

Do I need a haircut? Shall I dye my hair? Hats! I need to pack hats!

Oh! And jewelry. I need to figure out jewelry for each garanimal outfit. And purses. Should I just take one purse? Probably have to take one for day and one for night, huh? And these outfits are for the known activities. What about the unknown? This, people, is why I overpack!

Primitiques. I need to go do more work at Primitiques.

We have to go to church Sunday.

Alan at Country Garden Antiques just posted that their prices are cheap these days. Should we try to swing by and see them after we leave the Red Shed? Tires. I need to get tires so we can take my truck.

My head is spinning. I wouldn't change a thing. Well, I might like more time. But, that isn't for sale anywhere, is it?

Do tell. If you were leaving for vacation in 10 days, what would you be freaking out about?

Happy Tuesday!

David's Mom and Aunt. I just cannot get away with camo pants, black tank tops and ball caps in these women's presence!
Sharp women!


  1. Mindy, I'm thinking that... hmmm, let's see... how about camo pants, a black tank top, and a ball cap? Have you thought of that "ensome"? Works for me! Just buy about 7 more sets. no problem.
    You'll have a great time. Breath deeply.

  2. Debra, I could do that without going shopping. For sure! AND, I'd be comfortable! But, you know David and his camera. Plus, I think his 16 year old daughter would refuse to be seen in public with me for that long in that outfit! haha ~Mindy This is me breathing...

  3. A vacation? Ha! I have been on a vacation in 20+ years! Here is what I think you need to do:


    Throw some things in a suitcase, forget the sales for just one weekend and have a big bourbon and coke. Relax because you will be with people who love you because of who you are...not because of what you wear. Relax, breathe deep, take a sip and ENJOY!

    There, don't you feel better? :)


  4. Hi, MALisa! You are right. I will be with people I love. Have you seen pics of David's mother? She and his aunt are the most beautiful, well-coiffed, well-dressed women within miles. I'd just like to keep up! And indeed. My camo uniform won't cut it. I do need that drink! But, in a few days, even before we leave, I'm sure I'll be breathing easy. I hope! ~Mindy

  5. I never knew that you had a full time job that wasn't junking. Seriously, I thought you made your living solely on selling junk.

    So what else do you do for work?

    I always overpack too. You just never know!

  6. Hi Mindy , I'm with FringeGirl - I didn't know you had a full time job , too. What do you do when you are not out junking? I wear lot s of brown and black - it all intermixes! Sue

  7. Lots of black and brown. Now, there's an idea! hmmmmm ~Mindy

  8. Hey Mindy, I have seen you in your ball cap and think you are as cute as can be!! Pease take it along, David's mother is more concerned how you treat her son. You are going to have a lot of fun in Boston. David will have three ladies that all love him. Yes they are gorageous.(but so are you)
    Go antiqueing and have fun before you leave for Boston. Sandi

  9. Thank you, Sandi. A cap will get packed, for sure! I appreciate everyone's words! ~Mindy

  10. So happy for you that your taking a vacay!
    From what I've seen so far...it seems you give
    everything 120%...so I know you will have a great time and memories.

  11. Make lists!!!!!
    Focus on what MUST be done, and let the rest go.

  12. Is this my daughter who is in such a panic? Just do what your parents have always done. Pack until the suitcase is full and then leave and have a good time. Everything somehow works out with the clothes selection.

  13. One word for you.
    Wait for it.
    Here it comes.
    Relax. It'll all be fine. What you wear won't matter. It's how much fun you have. Have fun.

  14. The 8:08 comment is from my mother. I left myself signed on on her computer. Dad was kind enough to put their largest piece of luggage out for me. Are y'all feeling the love? I sure am! ~Mindy

  15. Whew! I was started to get stressed out! Just kidding! It sounds like a wonderful time. Just slow down and enjoy the time you spend with eachother, that is what's going to count down the road. ENJOY, RELAX & HAVE FUN

  16. You knew I'd be by to put my two cents in didn't you? Here's how I do it for Warrenton when I have to pack for nine days.
    a. Make a day list of all activities(figure out how many changes you need based on your list)
    b. Write in what you think you might like to wear
    c. Put jewelry selections on the hangers of outfits.
    d. Pack a separate bag for shoes & jewelry. Think yellow boxes, cowboy boots and a pair of Nikes for walking.
    e. Edit
    f. Think same colors like black and white for mixing and matching (like garanimals)...makes it easier to pick out bling.(You can't go wrong with white in the summer.)
    g. Pack a sexy little summer dress and sandals for cruise...just in case! (Take a shawl or cotton sweater in case it's chilly)
    h. Edit again
    I always end up overpacking, but I hate to run out of clean clothes...course you could always shop in Boston for new ones!!!
    And once again I have ran my head...TMI?

  17. Debbie, I soooo much can appreciate this method. I can see myself using it for Warrenton. The "unknowns" throw a kink in it for me on this trip. Weather. Activities. Walking. Dressy? Not dressy? But, once the outfits are chosen, I do see draping jewelry on the hangers. And how nice it is to finally hear someone say they remember garanimals! You're right. I need to go the dress closet and select a good 'un. Maybe tomorrow, the clothes rack will be more organized. Thanks! ~Mindy

  18. Just remember that you'll be in Boston & if you don't have the right thing, what a great excuse to buy something new. Here's my advice -- take only coffee colored shirts and dark pants then when you spill your coffee & your food, no one has to know. Have a great time! Jan

  19. I wish I could grant you more time. But I would insist that you spend every moment of it with me! Love you, baby. Don't be stressed; it will all work out and we're going to have so much fun!

  20. I would be more worried about how much weight I could lose in a week....just knowing that I would be the topic of conversation once I arrived. "OMG she got so fat!" Then I would be so stressed about that I would go buy a big box of Cheese-its (with a diet Coke to balance out the calories of course.) I'll take your issues any day!


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