Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vacation, Time to Get Away!

I love this purse! I found it today for a great price. This, after I got 4 new tires on my old truck.

At this very moment, my hair is being dyed.

I have garanimaled a few sets on the clothes rack. Haven't tackled jewelry yet.

If this post is confusing you, read yesterday's. I was in a bit of a tailspin.

I, for sure, without a doubt, need new shoes. I'll try to address that situation tomorrow. Bass Outlet usually serves me well. And I think they are having a sale. I sure hope so. Those four tires weren't free!

I tried to say thanks yesterday, but I'll say it again. To you who left comments, encouragement & ideas: Thank You! The voices of calm and reason prevail. Y'all Rock!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Be sure and read a post I just did on Carley Seale and what she told Fancy at Cactus Creek about shoes. I thought about you when I read it!

  2. You've got it all under control now! Cheers!


  3. Love the bag. You're stylin!

    Have a super fun time in Boston. I've only been once, but I liked it.


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