Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wanna See?

Update: SOLD!

Can you hear it speaking to you?

Check out the thickness of that butcher block.
Admire the galvanized shelf, body and drawer.
Try not to drool on your keyboard.
Even the backside is amazing.

This is the piece I spoke of in yesterday's post. It is 5' long. 2' deep. 2' 9 1/2" tall.

What do you think it did in it's first life? What would you do with it now?

My plan is to sand down the butcher block top just a bit. I've heard some bleach could help. Then I've heard about a butcher block restorer. Someone else suggested bri-wax. Do you have any experience with such beauty?

Wanna see more pics? Click HERE.

Soooo, was it worth the wait?

Happy Thursday!

For the record. I do intend to pretty this up and then sell it. While I like it plenty, I don't have the space or need for it.


  1. Howdy
    Wow what a great find.
    It speaks volumes and has many new chapters waiting to be written.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful find.
    Love your blog it is awesome !
    Happy Trails

  2. Now THAT is a garage sale find! I don't know anything about restoring it. It would be amazing as a kitchen island, a bathroom vanity, or a craft/work table. Fabulous!!


  3. It is certainly speaking to me. In my life it would be one killer potting table...but in the young, hip and trendy world it would be a bar, a kitchen island, and server...or all of the above. xo Joan

  4. Hi Mindy, LOVE your galvanized butcher cart. I can see why you heard it calling! I especially loved the cat ON the butcher block in your flicker photos. They have to "conquer" everything new.
    Jan from Leola's told me you asked about me. Thanks for thinking of me. It's been a rough spring health wise, but I'm better. Hope you had a great trip to the Ozarks. I would have loved to have visited with you and David.
    I live vicariously thru you, the Theresas, and Debbie. I feel like I know you all because I'm a regular on all the blogs!
    Take care and have a great opening at W@T's next weekend!

  5. Love it! Would use it as a kitchen island! Don't do the bleach thing. I have tried that. It bleaches all the way through. Try a light sanding and a little tung oil!


  6. Oh ya baby-that is speaking to me. It is saying, "Becky, tell Mindy to roll it your way to Montana." I think it was an industrial kitchen island.

  7. Oh Ya baby, I can see why you heard it calling. I hear it saying, "Mindy, roll me on up to Becky in Montana!"

  8. Big honking wood like that!!! Um, really, the wood. Did that come out alright? It has a lot of potential.

  9. OMG its calling jojo jojo:) I love it! We have some butcher block in our kitchen and all we did was sand it a bit and then we applied mineral oil to it. Your supposed to apply it every month or so. We don't do it that often, but it wears well and we love it. Enjoy! jojo

  10. Please bring right to my door...I want it...I need it.....

  11. I'd probably hit it with a sander, give it a good scrubbing, apply Johnson's paste wax, then use my handy dandy polisher to buff it out. Martha would probably tell us different!

  12. You're right, Mindy, it's a beauty! Could be used for so many things, in so many places...

  13. I am loving y'alls responses. I'm not so sure about delivering to any of you out of staters! But, it IS for sale. Before beautification or after. Holler with serious inquiries. ~Mindy

  14. Mindy, It didn't talk to me. It screamed! I LOVE it!!!

    <>< M2

  15. I love Briwax for furniture & "stuff" you're not useing for food or won't be setting wet things on. I agree it would be great for a bar. You could even put a wine rack in the bottom. Very cool. Jan

  16. I've been trying to educate myself on butcher block care via Google. It seems that Old Crow Farm is on the right track with the mineral oil. They even sell food grade mineral oil for this very purpose. I had no idea. I also read that stains can be cleaned with lemon juice.

  17. Good Lord, I might even tear out my current island for something like that!!

  18. Mindy, I refinished one and used a sander and Mineral oil on the wood. You need to be careful if someone is going to put food on the wood. Some waxes and oils may not be safe for food to touch them. I would sand and spray a clear coat on the galvanized, it makes it look clean and the rusty part will have a good color to it. Very nice piece, put a big price on it$$$$$$. Wow! I would love to have it. Take it to your store it will sell. Sandi

  19. Oh Mindy! That is great looking! Be sure to take it to W&T -- I need a place to display my beanie babies..... Maggie

  20. Sorry Maggie. I'm gonna need something to put my Cabbage Patch Dolls and Billy Beer on!

  21. I'm thinking this would be great to use in an outdoor kitchen. The butcher block top can double as a prep area and a serving area. The drawer would hold utensils, napkins, etc. The storage underneath would look great stacked with enamel ware for serving. If possible, add a shelf to the large compartment for stacking plates. Add a towel bar to the end and hang cute kitchen towels (I'm partial to red checkered). It would be too cute. If I didn't already have my 20' X 52' patio crammed full, I'd buy it in a hearbeat!!

  22. It's great! It's really, really great! I'd probably hose it down and call it a day!


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