Tuesday, June 16, 2009

French Market Sale in Texas

photo courtesy of David
Are you familiar with Red Shed Antiques in Grapevine, Texas? Last month, these lucky ladies went to Paris. Nope. Not Paris, Texas. Pair-ee! France! Seriously! They shopped and they had fun from all accounts. You can go to their blog and read all about it. But first, put a towel down over your keyboard, lest the drool ruin your ability to comment.

I got to meet one of the Red Shed Girls, Valarie, at the Grand Opening of Winnie & Tulula's Saturday. She gave me a scoop that you will want to mark on your calendar.

You heard it here first! Saturday, June 27. Hook up your trailers and be ready to fill 'em up! The ladies are hosting a French Market Sale at their store. The whole sale will be French based and they are putting out all the things they bought on their Paris buying trip. Well, holy cow! I'm gonna have to talk David into this one!

I hope to see you there!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. How fun. Wish I could go along too. Lucky David getting to go along (whether he knows it or not ;) - have a blast!

  2. I would love to be there. Mindy will you please take plenty of pictures. David did a great job at W and T's. David you have to be careful if you do a job to well, it will become yours!! Sandi

  3. Mindy ~
    What fun !! I love The Red Shed ~ they always have amazing treasures ~ I want to go to Paris with them soooo bad ~

  4. Oh, I'm wondering on any fluted French enamelware. Not that I could afford it...but just to see it, that would be a treat!

  5. I haven't got to go in a long time...hopefully nothing will prevent me from going and spreading some green this time!

  6. There is nothing more beautiful than the Red Shed set for one of their fantastic Saturday treasure hunts. They only come around every couple of months, so you have got to make it to this one! Val and Michelle are two of the most talented and hard working ladies I know. Get ready to be impressed! Donna

  7. Sounds fun. I'd be broke if I lived in Texas and my house would be full.


  8. How lucky are they to have gone to Paris??? I'm sure they brought back some great treasures! ~Lori

  9. Hi Mindy,

    I've had the pleasure to meet Valerie in the store, she's a delight!

    David took amazing photos of the opening....everything looks beautiful! So glad it was a great success for you girlfriend! That means you get to buy more junk.....uh, I mean priceless antiques. No wait, we buy junk, we sell antiques!

  10. Sandi, I have a confession. I get so busy looking and buying, I forget to take pictures. Maybe David will escort me and he can snap while I shop. hmmmm

    Erin, fluted French enamelware. Not at all sure I would know it if it bit me on the nose. I'm so country!

    Laurie, you come see me, I'll come see you. We'll keep moving things along, even if it's too each other!



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