Saturday, June 13, 2009

Spring Garden Sale in Dallas

Friday, I had the great fortune of attending the Spring Garden Sale at Portia's home in Dallas. Portia with Gina and Alan of Country Garden Antiques collaborate on this home and garden show. From outdoor vignettes to luxurious indoor settings, they put on quite the show.
Do you see the old blue/greens sneaking back into our pallets?
Wonderful pieces.
I am so glad I got to attend this show.
You know I took lots and lots of pictures! If you would like to see more, go here.
I set this post to come up at 11:00am, Saturday morning. What are you doing at home reading this? Shouldn't you be in Athens at Winnie & Tulula's Grand Opening? I know. Some of you couldn't come. Believe me. We miss you!
Hope you enjoyed Portia, Alan and Gina's show.
Happy Saturday!


  1. These are some really unique pieces.

  2. Wow... I would have loved to been at Portia's-- keep me in the loop girlie on these Dallas ones! Hope you are doing well..

  3. Great "eye candy", thanks for sharing!!


  4. I heard you sold out in Athens and sent David for more! GOOD JOB!


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