Monday, June 1, 2009

Tag Fever

Seriously? I think I have been tagged 4 times in the last couple weeks. Y'all are so fun! Thanks for wanting to know SO danged much about me! I was kinda thinkin' I was boring y'all to death with my play-doh tasting. But, apparently, Andrea from Junk-Fest wants to know more. Six MORE things about me:

Let's see...

1. I went to Canton Trade Days this weekend and I forgot to take any pictures of all my blogging dealer friends out there. Oops! I saw Lillie from the Junk Palace, but I've have never met her before and didn't realize the lady I was talking to was Lillie. Ugh. Sorry Lillie! It was nice talking to you, though I didn't know who you were!

2. I met some of the ladies from Girl's Gone Junkin' at Canton and I found them to not only have kick booty stuff, they were absolutely delightful! Do you know these ladies? Cathy, Deidra and Sue. Each and every one of them, has the most marvelous hair! I kid you not. Amazing hair. From them, I bought something white, something linen, and a couple chalky things. Yes, these goodies will be at Winnie and Tulula's.

3. I spent the entire morning on my driveway, with all of my W&T goodies. I have blue tape on the concrete, marking my space size. By the time I go set up in Athens, I will know where every piece goes. I feel very " Judy Hill " doing this. From what I understand, she did this each time before her Canton Shows. 4. I live on 5 wooded acres. My neighbors would have to walk through the woods to actually see my driveway/mock store. So, I don't think there will be any complaints about the mess, nor theft of the fine goods.

5. I love a man named David. He has been oh-so-supportive of this new, time consuming commitment of mine. When I mentioned the idea of joining Winnie and Tulula's, he is who pushed me to jump on it. Mayron and Theresa got behind me and shoved, too! Thanks, y'all! I am quite thrilled to be in on this fun, hip endeavor!

6. Call me an optimist, but I will have an entire truck load of extra merchandise with me at the Winnie and Tulula's Grand Opening, June 13. I fully intend to do a reset before I leave that evening, due to wide open spaces in my area. Ha!
Whew! There. 6 more things about me. Thanks, Andrea!

If you see your name on here, and if you are so inclined, you can consider yourself tagged. If you are reading along, be sure to click on those names and acquaint yourselves. I do surround myself with some good peeps!

Happy Monday!



  1. Oh my, I've still got to post about another tag I received last week so I guess I'll just have to combine. That's great being optimistic that you'll sell out that day, I love that, maybe I should consider the same except I'll be on a buying trip that weekend with a friend that's coming down just for Judy's sale. We'll wiz in W&T's that morning.

  2. Good idea to set things up in your driveway first. Taping out the section is very smart. Hope it all goes quickly.


  3. I'm just not that organized. You'll see!

  4. I didn't push you to jump in. I patted you on the back and you were leaning forward so far that you just fell in! ;-)

    I love you too! I'm very excited for you and with you about Winnie and Tulula's. I think it's going to be HUGE!

  5. Yes, tag fever! But how wonderful to have met so many wonderful junkers out there. Thanks for playing along. Have a wonderful time and Winnie and Tulula's! Wish us JunkFest girls didn't have those dern "real" jobs so we could just be on one constant roadtrip!

    Oh, by the way...I do believe a while back you called me a "tease" when I only showed portions of my junk finds. Silly girl...looking at your last post looks like you're the tease now! haha

  6. Hey Mindy, I haven't been around for a while. Just thought I'd drop by and say hi! Love your pictures in this post nice textures. jojo

  7. I have no doubt Winnie & Tulula's will be a must-see! I can't wait to head that direction and check it out! Best of luck on opening day!

  8. Haven't managed to comment much lately as I've been so busy and not on the blogs like usual. I'm not the only one, tho. You are going like crazy. Every time I talk to Mayron she's off running with you. I know you'll have a blast in Winnie & Tulula's with all those great people and I hope you do fabulous!!

  9. You do know you have a problem. Collecting and selling is a very serious problem. Just ask my sister. I've been healed. Standing at a garage sale last weekend with my hands full I said to myself, how am I gonna get rid of this stuff BEFORE I EVEN GOT IT IN MY CAR! I'm cured.

  10. Love this place! Blogs like this make me want to shop, laugh, walk down the path with coffee in hand, great to be here! Blessings.


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