Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Finds

Do people like wicker anymore? I saw this at a yard sale today and it is super clean. There was no price on it and I didn't ask. More curious than anything, I guess. I did find something I wanted and was making that purchase when the seller said "Now, let's talk about the wicker." I jokingly said "Keep the change and I'll take it." He said "Ok."

What? he he he I like my luck this week. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket.Remember the yard sale I shopped early Wednesday? You know the one. I went back today to get all the other bargains I could get. I drove up at 7:50 am. A full 10 minutes before Judy said she would be selling anything. Lo and behold. What to my wondering eyes did I see? Folks loading up their cars with all the good, cheap stuff that I wanted. Before 8, mind you. Ugh. Judy got $6.25 out of me and I headed on to greener pastures.
The For Sale sign might be my favorite catch of the day.

I hope you enjoy some good shopping this weekend. Saturday, David and I will be in Athens, setting up for the Grand Opening. Has anyone told you that the doors at Winnie and Tulula's open Saturday, June 13 at 11:00 am? It's a fact.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Positively buy a lottery ticket! I'm addicted to metal flower frogs, love all your finds! Have an awesome weekend! ~The Sweet Gardenia

  2. Love the wicker!!!!!
    Found you from "your guy's" blog...he won my donation for Bella.

    You two are a cute that you have him blogging and antiquing too!!!!

    You found some great stuff...I sell at an Antique store too....wish I lived closer so I could visit your space :)

    Happy weekend....need to email "your guy"(boyfriend)for his address, so I can send his tea cup :)

  3. You drive a hard bargain, woman! I SO SO hope I can make the grand opening!


  4. Lots of gooddies! Wish I could make it to W&T's! Boo hoo, Pam

  5. Very nice haul. And the weekend is just starting. I had the best luck today also...all the sellers had lousy signage and no customers until I got there. Maybe we both should by lottery tickets. xo Joan

  6. I still love wicker, but more importantly, I love hearts! The combo is adorable! Good finds!

  7. Mindy,
    I can't wait to see your great set up at Winnie and Tulula's in Athens! You have a great eye from all of your photos of shopping.... you may have a hard time keeping your booth full! Hugs, Donna

  8. I like all your Friday finds, the for sale sign is my fav also.

  9. I think the wicker screen is really lovely! Great finds! ~Lori


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