Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random Tuesday

These are exciting times! The Junk Sistas had a fundraising raffle and raised $2500 for Baby Bella, the beloved granddaughter of Debbie and Danny of Talking Trash. I am the lucky winner of two contributions. One of my prizes is a gift certificate from Theresa at Garden Antqs Vintage to be used on/toward something from her fabulous stock. Kinda makes my skin tingle. I am looking forward to shopping her at the new antique mall in Athens. I know she will have wonderful things to choose from.

The other prize I won is a variety gift tag set from Janet at Sweet Talk. My cards came today. Love 'em! They came so nicely packaged in this envelope.
And the first word I saw was "Congrats"...how smart is that? Are you familiar with Janet? She is one creative lady. Head on over to her site and place an order. I do love supporting Real People.

Now onto some randomness. This was my odometer last night when I was driving home. I thought it was interesting enough to note.
Are you ready for more random pictures of items I will be taking to Winnie and Tulula's for the Grand Opening? I do, so much enjoy sharing them with you!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Cool photos! Congrats on your win! ~Lori

  2. You won two! Amazing! And such a great haul for bella!

  3. You lucky winner you! I think you've got a few more things coming your way, since you happen to be good friends with a rather lucky guy (and nice guy) named David (hey David, I'll be sending the package out to you tomorrow :)

  4. Isn't Janet just the coolest chick ever? I just love her and her talent!!! Congratulations and to David as well. It's fun seeing all the winners responses! But, like I said I think everybody who participated are gold medal winners!

  5. Hi Mindy,
    Congrats on winning two times - you go girl. How great what happens when people work together for Bella! Love your photos, have a happy night!

  6. Congrates and those items look FUN!!! Dawn

  7. Ok, that last photo is worrying me. Can't figure it out.

    Congrats on your wins!

  8. Tricia, think ear. Right ear. How's that? Better? ~Mindy

  9. Thanks mentioning me and SweetTalk in your post! I appreciate it! And so glad you like your tags!


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