Monday, June 29, 2009


Ahhh, the wonderful feeling of accomplishing goals! I did miss out on the Red Shed Show. I hear it was worth the drive and I'm very sad that I didn't get to go shop and visit. On the other hand, I hit some local garage sales Saturday that were worth my while. This little table sang to me. She didn't just speak to me. She sang a sweet little song. Aren't the lines wonderful? What were those winged cabinets for?
2009June27W&T 005

This deco wall sconce rocks. The heavy gold, the perfect glass. Ahhh, the stories it could tell.
2009June27W&T 021
When I found this small table, it did not have a top on it. I married it up with this metal piece I had. I wasn't sure I loved it, but it fit so well, I felt like it was meant to be.
2009June27W&T 026
I didn't just shop! David and I took a load to Winnie & Tulula's and did a reset. I love giving the space a new look with all the new goodies.
2009June27W&T 001
Didn't I mention progress? Indeed, David and I got pedicures Sunday after church.
As my mother said, I am practical. These shoes might not look good if we go out dancing, but when touring Boston, I think they will be the best choice. We went shoe shopping and we both came out with what we hope to be wonderful walking shoes.
I'm sure there are still "need tos" on my list. But, I am breathing easier. We leave for Boston Friday morning. Maybe I'll pick up another pair of shoes, or two before then.

Happy Monday!


  1. Cute toes + practical shoes = smart girl. Love all your weekend goodies, especially that white curvy table!

  2. Oh my, I love that white table! And the sconce is wonderful! You go to better garage sales than I do! What marvelous finds!

    Glad you got some good walking shoes for your trip!


  3. The cute table is a china buffet and the wings are for glassware, plates and the such. Great Grandma had one and I loved the wings. Very good eye and buy!!

    Have a fabulous trip!!

  4. I had rotten luck at garage sales this weekend but you had great finds. Love the white piece and also love the toes. Nothing better then a pedicure -- & nothing worse then sore feet so good for you on your footwear selection. Will be looking forward to your's & David's photos from Boston. I'd just like to see one shot of Harvard. Jan

  5. I suddenly have a craving for some Cajun shrimp! ;-) The brass sconce is very cool. You added some very nice pieces this weekend. I have my photos from Saturday up on Flickr. I took a few of Daphne Nicole's new space at Winnie and Tulula's too. Someone already left a comment about how pretty her sign is! Winnie and Tulula's is looking really good!

  6. Great stuff;/ I love the way the table looks with your metal top. Just perfect. Nice shoes and cute feet.

  7. Yes.... you scored big time with the sales !! It all looks great! Great idea for the metal atop that table! Tootles, Janna

  8. David got a pedicure too? If he did, he better blog about it!

  9. Mindy, love the white table,and the red toes, the shoes look real comfortable. Break them in for the next Round Top Show....Have a fun vacation. Sandi

  10. Great stuff...nice toes too! ;)

    m ^..^

  11. Glad to see you finally got to go shoe shopping and what fabulous finds. I, to missed the Red Shed sale! I hope they have some Paris stuff left!

  12. Thankyou, Mindy, it's so nice to know I'm not alone!

  13. What a great story. Hope all the Tammy's have a safe (minus Ben Gay) and Happy 4th of July! Blessings, Erin


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