Monday, June 15, 2009

Winnie & Tulula's - The Grand Opening

Saturday, June 13th came and at 10:58am, 2 minutes before the doors opened at Winnie & Tulula's, the windows were uncovered. I'm not sure who was more excited. The folks on the outside looking in, or the folks on the inside looking out!
Peeking inside
The crowds came in and they seemed pleased with what they saw.
The crowds coming in
Here is part of my space, before the crowds hit.
My space before opening
Many of the things you see found new homes Saturday.
My space before opening
You might recall that I planned to take an entire truckload with me Saturday, with the hopes of doing a reset before I left that evening. Well, every time a hole appeared in my space, David would make a run to the truck for more goods. By the end of the day, my truck was empty and I had a big smile on my face!
My booth with Wicker Screen
Another big thanks to Gloria, her staff and family for making the day run like a well oiled machine. To the other dealers, I'm thrilled to be a part of this with you. Y'all rock! I wish I could just hug every single person who came out Saturday for the grand opening. Thanks to you for making the trip to Athens!

A kiss for David. photo courtesy of David

Smiles with Mom and my sister, LucyJane. photo courtesy of David

Grins with Gloria, the Queen Bee of Winnie & Tulula's and Sweet Pea Collection.
photo courtesy of David

And giggles with Donna of Curious Goods! photo courtesy of David

A shout out to my boyfriend David, who was a big support through this entire process, from "I'm thinking about becoming a part of Winnie & Tulula's", to power shopping, to preparation, to setting up, to bringing his camera and making our memories visible in photographs. Wanna see what he took Grand Opening Day? Click here for the slide show and click here to go straight to his set. Enjoy!

If you didn't make it, come out any Wednesday through Saturday, 10a - 6p. 119 E Tyler St, Athens, Texas. What am I doing sitting in front of the computer? I need to go shopping!

Happy Monday!

ps. For whatever reason, my home computer is not allowing me to leave comments anywhere. Ugh. I'll try to get caught up on comments when I'm at another computer. It's always something!


  1. Mindy, Could you ask David if I can copy a few of his photo's to my web site or blog. of course I'll give him credit.

  2. It looks wonderful! I wish I could go! ~Lori

  3. Mindy, I had a great weekend! Enjoyed every minute with you, my love! And thank you for your sweet words of affirmation! I love you!

    Margo, you are welcome to use the photos. And thanks in advance for the photo credits. If you are able to throw a link back to the set, that would be a great help to my Flickr stats. If not, no biggie. Either way, use the photos as you wish with my blessing. That also goes for Gloria, as well as everyone else associated with Winnie and Tulula's.

    What a tremendous success the grand opening was! And I think it's just a taste of things to come! Congratulations to everyone involved!

  4. Congratulations on what looks like a smashing success of an opening! Kristi

  5. The space looked great! I hope you sold it all! :)


  6. Mindy,
    We will look back on Saturday for years to come and say, "Remember that GREAT DAY?!?" I enjoyed spending time with you and David and hope to have more good times ahead!
    Hugs, Donna

  7. OK, do I offend or am I suffering from short timer's? I do not remember meeting any family members and I know they were there. In the crush of the crowds it's possible I did and just don't remember. Play it safe and just tell me I did.

  8. Debbie,

    You do not offend. Sadly and gladly, you and I were too busy giving customer service to get to visit much with family. David's mom and grandmother were there. My mom and sister made it. But, I just didn't get to visit with them or make the rounds with introductions at the time they were there. I am sorry! I would have loved for them to meet you! You did see Staci, didn't you? Love you like a sista! ~Mindy

  9. Mindy, your space looks great! You have the best stuff and I can tell it was a great success, wish I had been there! Angie

  10. Hey girlfriend!

    Looks like ya'll all not only had great fun...but, a great grand opening! And, yes...looks like you need to stay off the computer and start shopping! (Maybe you can get down here to the Yaya soon???)

    Tell David the pics were fantastic!


  11. Mindy, thank you and David for all the great photos of the grand opening. I would have loved to have been there in person! A chance to meet all the "creme de la crop" in one fabulous shopping "experience"! I just started up my blog, so come by for a visit.
    Debra (from Leola's)

  12. WOW!! What a ton of people; that's great! Love the pic of you and David!

  13. WOW! congrats on a killer opening day. Your booth looked amazing. David is such a sweetie pie! And and empty truck? my dream some day.
    Way to go, girlie...and you're up at Moonlight Hollow this a.m. tee hee lulu

  14. There is that wicker screen you showed a couple of posts ago!!! Was the lady first in line a big buyer? Happy Wednesday!

  15. Joan, I can't remember who bought what! It was a whirlwind for awhile there.

    lulu, thank you! It was a great day!

    yaya Deb, come see us! I'll plan on seeing you in July.

    Angie, road trip!

    Donna, It was a blast!

    Kristi, Amy, Lori, come play with us when you can!



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