Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winnie & Tulula's - Part 1

We did it! We survived the grand opening of Winnie & Tulula's. Whew! Today, I am going to share with you pre-opening pictures. Pictures of preparation and setting in my space.
misc 038
My next post, I will share pictures that David took of the Grand Opening, itself. He took hundreds of pictures and after weeding through the unflattering, blurry, bad lighting pictures, he will make public his album of the opening. I betcha he got some good ones! And if you were there, maybe there will be some pictures of you.
My space
Thank you to everyone who came out and shopped with us. To the lurkers and regular comment givers, I thank you for introducing yourselves and it was great to see you! I'm telling you, that was one fun day! To the other dealers and to Gloria. I know we won't all be there at the same time very often. But, I really enjoyed sharing that pre-opening adrenaline rush with you. Yee Haw! Congrats to everyone for being a part of a great day in Athens!

Wanna see the other pre-opening pictures? Go here and enjoy!

Happy Sunday!


  1. It was truly a great time. I snuck out around 4:00, and forgot to say goodbye to everyone. It was fun to visit with you, and to meet David, and watch all the happy faces with their purchases.

  2. I'm glad it was a good time. I'm intrigued by that green table. Was that yours? Pretty. Show more...I know, patience.

  3. It was a great time, but my poor old dogs are abarkin'! I may need at least a couple of days to recover, how about you?

  4. It was such a pleasure to see you and David. I hope you have time to shop this week to restock... your treasures were flying out the door! Hugs, Donna

  5. it's nice to meet you...and see your wonderful "junk" - i love every single piece that i can see:)


  6. Can't wait to see more photos! Glad it went well!


  7. Wow, Mindy, love that metal cart in the first photo. Your space looks awesome!

  8. Mindy, thank David for the wonderful slide show, it was almost as good as being there. I am sure it saved me a lot of money!!!! Truly, I wish I could have been there for the opening. Best of wishes to all the vendors. Sandi

  9. Margo, we wondered! All the sudden, you were vamoose! It was a fun day.

    Erin, the green table, wood, sold. It was a nice, solid piece.

    Debbie, my dogs are barking so much, I have made an appointment for a 90 minute massage. Maybe
    they will chill after that much loving. ha!

    Thanks, Donna! I enjoyed what time we got to hang together. You rock!

    Mary, welcome!

    Thanks Amy, Zita and Sandi! Come see me when you can!



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