Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pre-Show Rituals

Since joining the gang at Winnie & Tulula's, I have been working like a mad woman preparing for the Grand Opening. David has joined in on the fun, as well.

After some major buying sprees, we have become one with Gorilla glue (literally), paint, a hammer, nails, screws, my garden hose, a scrub brush, soap, oil, wax. Well, you get the picture. We have been working! Not to mention popping some Tylenol and stronger things. Cranberry juice and Captain Morgan's coconut rum mix nicely. David prefers cold beer. I have woken up in the middle of the night to write down ideas of placement and vignettes. David designed and produced my price tags.

Last weekend, we took a truck and trailer load to the store and worked hard. So much so, that unless I get more inspiration in the middle of the night, I'm about ready. Now, guess what I'm doing this week in preparation for the opening...

Monday, I joined a tanning salon. My tan is not what it needs to be.

Tuesday, I got my oil changed. It was past due.

Today, I got a pedicure. Much better. Seriously? Is everyone so calm before their coming out party?

Thursday, David and I are both playing hooky from our real jobs and we are heading to Judy Hill's in Kilgore and then to price a few things at Winnie & Tulula's. Later that evening, we are heading to the Antique Garden Sale at Portia's in Dallas.

Friday? Hmm...Work on my wardrobe? I have yet to figure out what I am wearing Saturday. Isn't that important? Should I match my space? Or wear my traditional camouflage pants, combat boots and a black tank top? This is almost daily attire for me when I am "junking." Alas, perhaps not Open House attire? Hmmm...

Fess up, you dealers. Tell us about your rituals. Are you busy up to the last moment? Do you lose sleep, like I have? Do you toil and trouble over your outfit? Did you set up in your driveway weeks before the big day? How do you prepare? Inquiring minds want to know.

Happy Day!

ps. David, thank you for all of your time, support, assistance and love during this new venture!


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  2. Love that sweet photo! Ritual? I haven't developed one yet. I'm in the throes of getting ready for the Vintage Treasures Market. Eek! I'm a bit under the weather, so I feel behind schedule. I have tons to get done yet! Wish I could make it to your show!


  3. You go through all of this for a show? That's a whole lot of emotion. Hope it goes smashing!

  4. My ritual is wait till the last minute and then go like mad. A little happy water doesn't hurt either. See ya at W&T's.

  5. Wow, you sound soo... busy! I'm glad you and David enjoy doing it together, it makes it so much fun.

    I think my last week before a show is the busiest. I seem to leave a lot of things to do at the end. Pricing, clean-up etc.... I draw my space out on paper so I have a general idea of what I want it to look like.

    Have a great evening!

  6. Mindy, enjoy what you and David are doing. It is great you are having so much fun! Live is wonderful and you have seem to find all of its joys. I can hardly wait for the grand opening pictures, please take a lot of them. Funny about the gorilla glue, paint, etc. it all hits home with me (you just say it so well). Blessings, Sandi

  7. I am a horrible planner, never do any mock set ups, I just wait until I get there and figure it out!!! My family knows not to aggravate me too much a few days before an event, as I am a pile of nerves!! I did go get a pedicure the day before leaving for Farm Chicks!! Good luck, can't wait to see pictures of the grand opening!!

  8. Funny you ask about rituals, I am having an occasional sale in 2 weeks and you should see my garage! EEK! I have tons to do, but I have to wrap up things in my classroom this week and then I'll focus on the sale. Yes, I stay up till midnight fretting over silly things and worrying about it all coming together and somehow it always does. The junk fairies come out at night and help I think. ;) Good luck and I hope you have a great sale....I'll send the junk fairies your way! Krista

  9. OK, I have power again so I'm back. I'm going to give you the only rule I play by and I got it from Jenn. She told me early on to think of what I did as a professional business and myself as a business woman. You have to dress for the job you want or in my case, I had to dress to convey my taste be it in clothes or mdse. It was good advice and I use it when buying and dressing for shows. In other words, let you reflect your space. Don't change or yourself. I know you love primitives so go with it. Create a uniform that is just you. Maybe holey and frayed jeans with a tank top layered with a vintage snap western shirt and tons of junk-inspired jewelry. You could even do a tank with a little vest over it. TMI?

  10. Have a great time at the grand opening, Mindy, whatever you're wearing!

  11. You are very welcome, my love! The Judy Hill home show was awesome! Thanks for inviting me! And I enjoyed working with you at Winnie and Tulula's as well. Of course, it's always fun to spend time with you for ANY reason!

  12. Thanks everyone for sharing. I enjoy knowing what y'all go through, as well. TnT, not tmi at all. I like what you and Jenn have to say. Good advice. I'm not sure how well those camo pants convey my style, but they sure are comfortable! hmmm I'm working on it! ~Mindy

  13. Good Luck with your Grand Opening today! I wish you lots of sales!


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