Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Treasures

Yup. Tuesday treasures! I went shopping today and picked up a few goodies.
I think I was attracted to this black box because it was metal. I'm buying up a lot of metal these days.And then the treasure hunt truly began when I unlatched the top and opened the box.
And then I opened the flaps.
Oh, my! It's an art box with art supplies! Su-Weet!
And even more cool stuff under the removable tray. I can think of one art supply collector who'll be allll over this. First come first served! I can wrap this up and ship it with no trouble at all. $85 for it all plus shipping. If you need close up pictures, let me know.
And aren't these sweet? Not a bad haul for a Tuesday, eh?

Happy Tuesday, indeed!


  1. Mindy, awesome Tuesday Treasures!! I love metal too these days and those are sweet buys. Love the chair. Happy Junking jojo

  2. Wow Mindy, those are awesome finds, I went thrifting today too but nothing like that. That art box is so cool. I am on a buying "diet" after signing up for Silver Bella last night! Gotta sacrifice something I guess.

  3. Wow--love that art box! I am trying to find metal too, but most of what I see is new :(.

  4. Erin, I got more, but I didn't get pictures of it all. he he he ~Mindy

  5. Tuesday in Texas = good junkin'! Way to go , Mindy! Thanks for checking out my Etsy store - its a work in progress.

  6. Good scavenging! Remember to save some stuff for the fall. Debbie

  7. Honestly, you always get the best junk! I so wish I could come down your way and learn from the pros...sounds like a dream to me!

    I can't wait for my favourite little thriftin' town to reopen its doors for the spring. Mother's Day is the time, I think. Hopefully, I'll fare as well as you always seem to!


  8. Awesome Finds!!! I am loving all the metals too these days. Great meeting you in Warrenton, wish we could have chatted more. Congrats on going in the Fall and setting up...can't wait to see what treasures you bring.


  9. Looks like it was a great shopping day. The art box is just a cool box. Then, you get the insides...what a bonus!!

  10. Oh, my gosh! My I Love Mindy post was on April 5th! The title is: Who You Gonna Believe? Me or Your Lying Eyes? Check it out and get back with me!


  11. hey mindy,
    gosh, thanks for stopping by my little blog & registering for my giveaway... love your tuesday treasures...and, remember you from Lakewood in Atlanta... correct?
    i've added you to my list and I'll be stopping by often.
    ~one vintage hag


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