Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gifts Received

David is all grins! Thanks to everyone who has left a birthday message on our blogs. David's birthday is this Sunday and I am a true believer in celebrating the entire week leading up to the Big Day. If you haven't had a chance, please drop by and wish him well. It makes him smile. And I sure do like to see him smile!
A Texas size thank you to Pam at Frippery. She had a giveaway last week and was I the lucky winner!
I had fun opening the box and digging out all the goodies!
I can't decide which is my favorite...the apron is super great! So clean and starched with a great pattern. The egg is handcrafted and amazing! I love the bowl. And I can just see myself spooning preserves out of the strawberry.
Thanks again, Pam! I'll think of you each time I look at these goodies.

Be sure to check back Wednesday. Talk about gifts received...we'll be talking about a woman and her tiny, little kicking grand daughter.

Happy Day!

ps. I don't think I have said it lately, but I really appreciate y'all reading my blog and leaving comments. Comments are daily gifts, don't ya know? Thank you!


  1. That corn carrying, beer drinking, Drummers for Jesus t-shirt wearing redneck has a lot of reason to smile! I am lucky beyond words to be your boyfriend! Thanks to you and everyone who's commented the birthday wishes! I can't wait for our trip to Eureka Springs! XO!

  2. Woo Hoo, glad you like everything. I am glad it all arrived in one piece, I constantly re think my packing methods after I ship things. Happy Birthday Week to David. I have been playing post catch up on all my faves! Pam

  3. That Pam is one talented woman...and beautiful to boot. Aren't you the lucky one? I love her egg art. Y'all have a great time this weekend.

  4. Cool gifts! I had that bowl once. Was my favorite mixing bowl. And a birthday coming soon. Big party? I imagine so.

  5. Congrats on winning the goodies! Glad David is enjoying his week.



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