Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here's What's Happenin'

Remember this clock that my dad gave me after much begging on my part? I finally got it up on my entertainment center. Whatcha think?
I totally reset the entire top of the entertainment center. Before, everything was dark, wood and such. Today, I used a little bit of everything from wicker to enamel to chippy metal.
My sister, Lucy Jane came over, took a look at this frame/mirror/diploma and said "straighten it out". So, the lean is gone. I think she was right. No time to retake the pic though! Maybe later.
I'm still working on the entertainment center, but I wanted to give you a little peek at what is going on.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Looks great! How do you have so much energy to do so much? You work, you have an antique shop, you host the road kill chili cookoff, you host family parties and you remodel and redecorate! You are the energizer bunny!


  2. It all looks really good! Love all the cream and white going on.

  3. I really like the white change. I say lean 'em just in different directions. But what do I know...I ain't the M&M's!

  4. Mindy,
    I like the white and light look. It is a real eye catcher. So interesting, good job. Have a Blessed Easter. Sandi

  5. Malisa, how I do it, is I put everything off til the last minute. And then, I am non-stop. I work best under pressure. Not sane, I know. But, how I function. Additionally, I absolutely love to entertain.

    The year I turned 40, I had a party every single month. I had a ball organizing theme parties. It was a heck of a year! And, by the way, my house managed to stay pretty clean that year. Maybe I should start doing that again!

    Debbie, I might climb back up and try askewing them. See what I think.

    Thanks, y'all! I had fun changing it up. I keep looking at it thinking "Wow, that is different!" ~Mindy

  6. Hi Mindy......
    Good job. Your entertainment center is darling......LOVE it...

  7. Mindy, I love what you've done - it looks just fab!

  8. Mindy its looks wonderful! I love all of the white shabby. Its fresh for spring. And the clock is just too cool. Is this the one your daddy gave to you? How sweet. Awesome job. jojo

  9. Mindy~
    That looks so chic!
    I so love that clock!
    Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!

  10. Love all the whites and neutral tones with touches of rust. I have in my hands a decorating book titled "White on White" and your display looks like it's a page right out of the book! Great work junk friend!

  11. uuoooohhh! I love the new vingette! Off course you know I would love anything that is white! It was great to meet you, I wish we had more time to hang out, maybe in the fall you can plan to stay longer!

  12. Hi Mindy! Great display! It was so nice to meet you at Warrenton. Excited to hear that you will be setting up at Zapp in the fall. Hey, when you turn 40 again, be sure to invite me to the parties!!! Sounds fun.... Maggie

  13. It looks good--I love the old mirror. I kind of went away from the chippy white for a bit, but now i am getting back into it. The display makes me want to even more. Off to some thrift stores now!

  14. Mindy, great change for summer...light and airy! Good Job!
    Happy Resurrection Day,

  15. I am new to your blog, and I love it, your witty comments always make me smile! Your pictures are great too! check me out at


  16. LOOKS AMAZING! and i like the lean.
    leave it.
    i love the whole look. i am a huge fan of white on white on white and you've done it!

  17. love it. I love all the textures you used in the display.


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