Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Animals

I should so be running around getting ready for the 4th Annual Roadkill Chili Cookoff. But, here I sit, posting an Easter Blog. I won't get another chance. With 50+ folks and 15 or so chili's coming to my house tomorrow, I most likely won't get back to y'all until Monday.
Easter Bunny
The transformation continues in my house. Thought I'd share some of the animals with ya. Here's an old child's bunny. I love his outfit!
And this felt bunny makes me smile.
I could not pass up this sheep at the thrift store this week. Love that face!
This chick might lay an Easter egg for me. Who knows?

David and I will take lots of pictures of our festivities. Y'all enjoy your friends and families this weekend!

Happy Resurrection Day!


  1. Mindy, the animals are all so cute! I like the sheep (lamb)? there is only one right? Have a Blessed Easter. Sandi

  2. I LOVE your animals! The lamb is adorable! You are a brave woman to be hosting all of these festivities! You and David have a wonderful Easter weekend!


  3. Those are just tutu cute, but enough, go enjoy your guests and have a blessed Easter.

  4. Hey, mindy! love this post and all of your animals!!
    i hope you're doing well. haven't talked to you in a bit.
    what i have done is bestow upon you a blog award!
    you can pick it up on my blog at

    happy, happy Easter,

  5. Have a very Happy Easter, Mindy!!!

  6. ummmmm, chili! Sounds like fun!

    Love those bunnies!


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