Thursday, April 16, 2009

Junk Pile Thursday

Today, I was driving to work, talking to my friend Mayron on the phone, when what to my wondering eyes should appear? A Big Ole Junk Pile! On the curb. Free for the pickin'. I think Mayron was saying something very important when I said "I'm at a junk pile. Gotta go." She said "Bye." That's the kind of friend Mayron is. No further discussion necessary.
Of course, I took pictures before I loaded everything. I had to share! Now, I don't know why, but I like these wood circles. What would you do with them?
And this chandelier had a good price on it. Ok. It wasn't priced. It was free. A junk pile. Remember? FREE!
And how bout this crazy pink shelf? Actually, it may be more of a rack. I'm not at all sure. And I didn't examine it that closely. Will have to do that!
Funky lines. Funky color. Funky everything. Funky and FREE!
Mayron, I'll call you later!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Free is wonderful!
    Love, love, love the chandelier!

  2. Those wood circles are then ends of spools for electrical wire and/or cable. I don't know what you can do with them, though.

    The shelf unit is very unusual. Congrats on the finds!

  3. That's too cool! I think I nneed to get out more and find my own junk piles!

  4. Sweet pile-o-junk! I scored today at a thrift store--(not free, but paid less than 1/2 of what I was willing to pay!) I haven't taken pictures yet. The round wood pieces are from cable spools and they make awesome tabletops--use some furniture wax on them, add some wheels or chunky legs and voila--coffee table!

  5. Mindy,
    Oh! wow, how much fun. Free great! you can not go wrong. The circles: a tray (put some handles on it), a platter for a candle (very large one), put glass knobs on the bottom of it) for a small tray for tea cups and tea pot. To cute, I like rustic with fancy crystal or china. Have fun, it,s free. One more, hang it on a wall with old photos on it.... Sandi

  6. Great ideas! I may wax one and throw a cloche on it with something super funky inside. Maybe I'll play around with some of your ideas and do a post on it tomorrow. ~Mindy

  7. The best kind of junk is FREE! Cute rack I like it. I love the no explaination needed. Happy Junking! jojo

  8. Now that's a great "free" haul. Bec4 hit the same ideas I was going to are my kinda a girls!

  9. Free is always a good price!



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