Sunday, April 26, 2009

David's Birthday Week

Do ya see the waving man child? That would be my boyfriend, David, when he was about 14 months old.
Reckon he was setting up a date on this old dial up phone?
Yup. Here he is with his first girlfriend, Tootie. Always the ladies' man!

And here he is with his last girlfriend. Me!

David's birthday is this week. I think before I came along, he didn't know that he was supposed to celebrate his birthday for a whole week, much less a month. Bless his heart. Be sure to swing by David's blog to wish him a Happy Birthday. (I think it would be great if his comment box gets more comments than ever in the past. And I know he would be verklempt! Spread the word, would ya? Let him feel the love!)

Friday, we'll be heading to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for a long weekend. Any tips on things to do in the area?

Happy Week!



  1. Ok not to be super snoopy, but when is David's birthday? My little girl Lulu's 1st b-day is this Tuesday and then it's my b-day on Wednesday. It sure is a Birthday week. Hope he has a great one! jojo

  2. Give him a big ol' birthday kiss and hug from me!

  3. You are a SWEETHEART! MY sweetheart! :-) Thank you, baby!

    I'm SO looking forward to our trip this weekend! I love you!

    Jojo, my birthday is May 3rd.

    Thanks, Deb!

  4. Happy Birthday, David! I would sing to you, but I don't want to make you sick on your almost birthday!

    Mindy, that looks like you holding David in the first picture! Do you remind David of his mother? If so, that's sweet!

    Let's talk Eureka Springs. That is where the pic is from in the Moonlight header! Karen and I had just found the vacant shop where we were opening our store. We were about to sign the lease when I got the call that my Mom has cancer. We put our plans on hold. You will recognize the spot on the street when you see it! You will enjoy Eureka Springs. You must eat the Sunday brunch at The Crescent Hotel...take the ghost tour there too! I will send you lots of suggestions if you want them!


  5. Great old pics (not trying to emphasize "old" here). Mindy, I hope you have many many many more times to celebrate David's b'day month!

  6. Well, I do not know him very well at all but I think it is okay to give him a Big Kiss and a Hug on his birthday (If Mindy would please do it for me) Some day I am going to meet him and ask if he received my kiss and hug. Don't let me down Mindy!! Happy Birthday DAVID.....God Bless you, Sandi

  7. Happy Birthday, David! You two have a fabulous birthday week - you look so happy together!

  8. Happy Birthday to David! He's lucky he's got you to help him celebrate. Have a great weekend!!!


  9. Yup. I knew this was a good idea! Because of Deb and Sandi, I get to give extra kisses and hugs when I see David tonight. Suweeet!! Thanks, ladies!

    Malissa, tell me more. We are going to the Botanical Gardens and the Passion Play. What else? We may take a day trip to MO to see Jan at Summer Sundays. Where else within a couple hours? We'll be there Friday-Monday. Thanks!

    Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes. David is loving it!


  10. Happy happy birthday to your sweetie! I think he needs more hugs and kisses since this is his special week (day). Hope ya'll have a blast on your trip and find some goodies along the way...

  11. I didn't know birthdays were a week-long event either! Why didn't anyone tell me? So cool!

  12. Okay, I have to sign up and follow this blog. Anyone who celebrates a birthday for a month is my kind of person!


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