Friday, April 17, 2009

New Touches and Ideas

I've changed a few things around my house recently. It seems I'm always playing around. I stacked this round old mirror frame with a funky old lamp shade frame.
Shells and Pearls
My sister did this shotgun shells and pearls vignette in the powder room. Very nice.
Mantle Headboard
Here is my mantle/headboard. I, personally, stripped and stained this mantle a few years ago. When I found it, it had been in a shed for about 40 years. It was covered with layers of brown paint, rat poop, cat urine, dirt. I can't even tell you what all! I know. My bedding is boring.
Yesterday's wood became last night's centerpiece. I gave it a little dimension by setting it on an old chair mat.
A little wood wax will do it some good. Maybe even a swatch of burlap thrown over it.
Here's yesterday's pink piece. See all those holes? Reckon it once had shelves on it? Or what? I threw a rake it to show you how one would fit.
I'm clueless what it is meant to be. What would you do with it?

Y'all have a great weekend. David and I are heading out of town for a couple days.



  1. Is that a little leather purse on your mantle and if so, is it for sale. Just curious. Thanks for the feedback and pep talk. LOL Debbie

  2. Love the sculptural piece you built over the fireplace! How clever of you to mix these two junk pieces to make a kick ass sculpture! Smart. Smart. Okay, let's talk about your bed. Love the headboard. May I suggest an all white bed? Nice white linens. Big fluffy white down comforter and lots of white pillows at the head of the bed. Nothing is as inviting as a white bed! Oooh, maybe I will get to see all this cool stuff at your party! Woo! Hoo!


  3. Ok. About my bed. I actually have a white, down comforter and my cats won't lay on it. Which, many a person would like. But, I don't mind my cats sleeping with me. I do have a couple other pillows that I throw up there, but the story there is this...I emptied the bed off to show a client the mantle. I'm trying to sell him on using one for his bed. I totally agree on the white though...Oh! And all of my indoor cats are black. hmmm...I promise you can we play with it when you come. ~Mindy

  4. Mindy,
    That mantle sure turned out beautiful after having all that icky stuff all over it. I want to find an old mantle and make it into a faux fireplace one day. Have fun out of town. Happy weekend ~Tracie

  5. Just stopped by and I wanted to say hi. I am a Texas girl too.

    Enjoyed your post-
    come see me,

  6. I like seeing all the stuff you have and how you change it up. I have an antique mall in SoCal that is a bit different than others so I'm really into the pic's you have posted. I would love to come to Texas, my mom's home state. I have a mantle as well that I use for my bed. It's on my blog, I think, under the title, "In My Room". Mine has a mirror and another shelf at the top. To keep you pillows from falling off the bed, or at least they did on my bed, I put a piece of bead board on the back of the mantle then pillows can be propped up and don't fall behind. Thanks for the great photos you always post. Take care, Sue

  7. Mindy, you need to pick up your award at Moonlight Hollow!


  8. I like what you did with the round wood piece. Nice center piece. Sandi

  9. I love the pink piece, it would match Maddie's room perfectly and I would put canvas bins in it for all her collectibles.
    Hope you are having a great time!!

  10. Is that a cheese board on your table? I love chunky old wood like that!

    And how much for that antique cat? I'll trade you my fairly newish one for your old one.

  11. I love your headboard mantle! You have some really neat stuff!


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