Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October: My Birthday Month

Today is the first day of my birthday month! Indeed, I celebrate the entire month of my birth. Gifts are accepted all month long. If you'd like to know who to blame for this quasi narcissism, blame my parents. When we were growing up, on our birthday we did not have to do any chores. We got to pick the meal for dinner and choose what kind of cake Mom would make. I felt like I was Queen for the Day (and I assure you, this was long before tiaras were worn by common folk). If you think a month is overboard, the year I turned 40, there was a party every single month of that year. Let's see if I can remember some of the themes from that year...Breakfast with a Hat (I served breakfast and the guests wore hats), Dancing with Steak (we met up at a local steakhouse/dance floor), Exotic Dancing (me and the girls learned some tricks!), Fajitas and Margaritas, Ole' (I served 'em up), Survivor Party (with coconuts and limbo dancing), Scavenger Hunt (I can riddle you some clues), and of course, The Big Shebang with Pumpkinfest. Here are more pics of some pumpkin decorating.

Here's Count Pumpkula...

Check out the spider pumpkin!
My sister and David were a team during the Scavenger Hunt last year.
Bless his heart. He'd only known me a few weeks and would you look at what a trooper he was!
As I recall, these curls turned into a comb over before the night was through.
As you can see, we use anything and everything! Hardware, buttons, felt, pipe cleaners, whatever you want to recycle!

I found these pics of the Junk Gypsies Prom-o-rama on their website...check them out for inspiration for your Homely Coming Outfit. I'm seeing lots of bling and lipstick.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hap-py birth-day to us.
    Hap-py birth-day to us.
    Hap-py birth-day dear us-s-s.
    Hap-py birth-day to us.

    And ma-ny more.

    The Texas Woman


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