Friday, October 24, 2008

A Steal

Last Friday, I got an email from my friend, Richard. The title of the email was "A steal". Richard, my dealer friend from Alston's in Garland, had forwarded a Craigslist ad to me of an oak dresser with mirror. It was priced to sell fast and my heart started to pitter patter. Now, Richard often forwards steals to me when he is already en route to pick them up, or he already got them. So, I inquired if he was out the door and he answered that he didn't have time and he instructed me to "go for it". Well, I immediately emailed the sellers and within 2 hours, my folks had picked it up. I was at work and couldn't get away to steal anything! Check it out. This piece is majestic in my bedroom.
That is Bumpkin looking at you. She thinks I got a good deal.

Ah, so, I later emailed the sellers to tell them how pleased I was with the piece and the transaction. Come to find out, Janet and Clyde are antique dealers and they have several booths at Remember This Antiques in McKinney. I haven't made the drive to see their store yet. But, if you do, I am thinking you'll find some good stuff. After all, this piece came from their garage!

Janet inquired if I knew of someone who could resilver the mirror. Let me tell you, as I told Janet, I will not be resilvering the mirror. I like mirrors that look like this. My sister commented that it's not functional. Of course, it is! It reflects light.

The magic of Craigslist, eh? Speaking of which, I need to load up some screen doors and get them to Primitiques for a lady named Jenn. She found me on CL and she needs herself some doors for a craft show. I better get after it!

Tomorrow is the last day to submit your photos for Margo's Photo Contest. Also, tomorrow is like, everything. Bloom and Bee Swanky is having an open house in Waco (I'll be there), The Trinity Antiques District Flea Market is having their shindig off Industrial in Dallas, Red Shed is doing their thing with a big sale.

Happy Friday! ~Mindy

ps. Thanks, Richard!


  1. Can't wait for Waco! See ya tomorrow! We'll need an itinerary for discussion topics, show and tell, and places to go!

    The Texas Woman

  2. And, Goodness, I meant to say, "Great Mirror and dresser!"

    Me again

  3. Resilvering Mirrors.... Molloy's Mirror and Fine Art Glass in Dallas. His name is Jim, an incredibly nice man. He specializes in Stained Glass but does most everything with glass. He has hours like mine.. Wed - Friday , I think. His number is 214.826.4452 and especially works with the trade.

  4. I lose Richard!! He is the nicest guy, and his place is great, but don't forget grandma. She has some of the best stories about that house. I sit with her after I shop and listen about the old days!!

  5. That piece is totally fantastic! I am so jealous!


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