Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Believe

Yesterday's blog asked for opinions and suggestions regarding a new piece that I acquired for my home. I got one suggestion regarding the mirror situation, in an email from Mayron. She suggested round, on top only. We also threw around the idea of an oval mirror. So, I tried a round mirror that I had, and it was too large. Then, I went oval. I didn't think I wanted a framed mirror, but I do believe that I hit gold. Yee haw! Thanks, my friend!

Now, to the rest of you lurkers. Who, amongst us, does not like to give solicited or unsolicited opinions? I, personally, sit silently, anxiously, waiting for people to ask my opinion. My view. My feelings. My take. I can keep it to myself. But, if you ask, be ready. I am ALL over telling you what I think! So, am I very different from you? Where were you yesterday when I needed some mirror advice? I believe that we, as bloggers, like to hear from our readers.

Today's homework? Click on that "post a comment" and start your comment with: "I believe". Run with it! Open topic. This should be interesting and entertaining.

I believe that our blogship (blogging friendship, as defined by Cher) will grow with your participation. ;-)

Happy Thursday! ~Mindy


  1. I believe in YOU.

    OK, so Don Williams said it first. But I still mean it. I love you bunches!

  2. I believe most people enjoy lurking and don't think their opinions and experiences are worthy of saying in a comment.

    Bloggers asking for comments - it's new to people. Books don't ask for comments. Movies don't either. TV doesn't. For most people, even their own children and parents don't really care what their opinions are so why should blog writers.

    Readers will get used to it and start participating. And they'll enjoy it!

    The Texas Woman

  3. I believe comments are little nuggets of confirmation. They show people are reading our random thoughts and get it. Maybe not necessarily agree with it, but get it and us. Kind of like a review of a movie or book, sometimes just a kind word when we need it the most. Tn'T


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