Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pre-Virtual Dance Jitters

Happy Thursday!

Happy Birthday, Cher! ( Swing on over and bid her well wishes. This blogworld sure is fun, meeting new friends and sharing important days together.

Speaking of important days, (well, yes, it's important!) tonight is the Virtual Homely Coming Dance. Have all you Queens selected your glamorous outfits? Any Kings? "Gaudy, vintage duds" is what we're looking for here. I am presently wearing part of mine, and I must tell you, I feel pretty! The Magnavox radio with cassette player is plugged in on the patio. What do you think? Billy Idol? Whitney Houston? These cassettes got some good use back in the 80's. Check out the Sept 24 blog for more details.

Let's see...from the responses to my initial "invitation", Cher, April, nice lady at Pedal Power, and Pam expressed interest. Deb, are you playing? Jen R? Surely you can throw something together for Dancing under the Stars tonight. Tease us. Tell us. How's it looking? Boots shined? Ultra Glam? True Junkwear? Mine is, hmmm, let's say, lacy, blingy, the boots are my favs, the hat is yet to be determined, and Deb, the lipstick is primed and ready! Anybody else playing? My Denim Bling bracelets are ready to be shipped out to all players.



  1. I was planning on attending but a friend's dad passed away and the visitation is this evening.I just found out yesterday. I hope everyone has fun,I can't wait to see pictures. Happy birthday month by the way. October is my favorite month. Have fun dressing up, Pam

  2. I'm in! A party on my birthday, that can't be bad! Can't wait to post my outfit. IT Guy won't let me wear what I wanted to. Too suggestive for an old lady, I guess, even though I did have on my black longjohns underneath!!!

    Get my denim bracelet ready. It's the pretty one!

    The Texas Woman

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  4. Hello dear. I hope you have a wonderful party tonite... and I cant wait to see your outfit!! I think your bracelets are lovely!! What an Idea!! I would have never thought of them!! Enjoy your evening you deserve it! I have enjoyed reading your blog!! :D

    Hope you have wonderful day!!

  5. P.S. dear, it was me that delete the comment... I hit the wrong buttons lol. Still having problems with either my puter... or my fingers... not sure which yet!! ;D

  6. I haven't a thing to wear!!!! I have to say this time I am going to have to enjoy everyone else's outfits, but I promise the next time I will get something together! It looks like a blast!


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