Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rules & Inspirations

A few weeks ago, Ki at Junk Camp took pictures of her garage and published them on her blog. Her point? She needed to have a garage sale. If I took a picture of my garage, my insurance man would call and cancel my policy for fear of a fire or some other tragedy. A burglar could break in and hurt him or herself and then sue me. It's that bad.

I have a new rule. Every time I go to Primitiques, I have to take something from the garage with me (notice the bold and the italics). Surely, you can grasp my commitment here.

Some things out there in the garage are just not to my liking anymore. Come on. Does anyone else need another minnow bucket for a flower arrangement? I've found 2 so far. Took 2 rusty mini bundt pans last week. Today, I forgot to take anything. Twice. Eee gads. Does this mean I have to take 3 things next time I go? I guess so. It's not like my garage can't donate 3 items.

David has influenced another "rule". For every new-to-me item I bring home, I must purge my home of an item of equal or larger size. No, the man doesn't live with me. But, he can see that I need rules.

So, there's a sink in the yard that needs to go. I bought a cute little yard art thing on my birthday trip and I already committed to taking the sink away. I guess I'll load that up with the 3 things from the garage when I head to Primitiques next.

Speaking of my birthday, yes, it is still my birthday month. As additional treats to myself, I have some visits scheduled with some mah-ve-lous women in the next week. I met up with Mayron of Unique Unique Design this past Saturday. Tuesday, I am scheduled to meet Theresa from Garden Antqs in Huntsville. And then the 25th, I am meeting Cher of The Texas Woman in Waco to see none-other-than Theresa from Garden Antqs at Bloom and Bee Swanky. How will my very spirit handle being in the presence of each of these talented, inspirational women? I anticipate myself being a big sponge, soaking up anything they will share with me.

I know. Blogs are useless without pictures. I was going to post another of my experimental pictures, but, my dial-up doesn't feel like sharing tonight. Click on that flickr thing on the right. You can check out all my pics and several taken by David on there. That's a cool gadget, eh?

Happy Week! ~Mindy


  1. I have and a lot fo fun going through many of your blog posts, and especailly love your Halloween decor! I love your sense of humour!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I really hope you will take part in the pumpkin decorating contest - you could always use the photos of your previous junk-pumpkin creations as your entry. The prizes are great, so stop by again!!

    Have a great week,

  2. Looking forward to meeting you Saturday, but don't build ME up. You'll be sorely disappointed! Hah!

    The Texas Woman

  3. I am really looking forward to our date tomorrow or should I say dates since I'll also see you on Saturday!! Can't wait. And...when you pass by Dallas, stop and pick up Deb of Talking Trash so that she can join us, ha ha!! I wish!

  4. That is so funny! I saw Ki's garage post and loved that it was there for all to see. Notice so many people could relate to that. I'm sure you have a lot of cool junk in yours that I'd love to snag. And yes, I have a minnow bucket flower arrangement but why can't I line my driveway with more? Ha!

    Love the flickr photos.


  5. Cher, honey. Never, I repeat, NEVER, knock yourself down. There are plenty of folks in the world that will do that for you. I'm looking forward to coming out and playing with you! Reckon there are any good thrift stores in Waco? hmmmm ~Mindy

  6. Candy, we can arrange shipping if you want to line the driveway! ~Mindy

  7. Yes there are good thrift stores in Waco. I'll bring my GPS and it will tell all!

    The Texas Woman


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