Monday, October 27, 2008

Faith in God

Often times, when I read profiles, I read about loving husbands and beautiful children. I read about wishes, dreams, ambitions. Sometimes, I read about folks loving God. I was attempting to keep my profile more "business" oriented and less about me. And I have hardly succeeded in that! So, let me tell you here and now...I am a Christian. God is a big part of me. I don't thump my bible and I'm not going to quote scripture to you right now. But, I am going to tell you that Jesus Christ died for my sins and I accepted Him as my Savior many years ago. I am not perfect. I won't be perfect. I do love me some God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. As for religion? If you want a label, we'll go with baptist. But, it's honestly not about religion. It's about faith.

I had the pleasure of bonding with Miss Talking Trash (Tn'T, Debbie) Saturday. We enjoyed some discussion about faith and religion. Today, Debbie blogged a prayer request. You'll see that I also added the prayer request button to my blog for Baby Witt. I do not know these people, but I do know God. I know that He likes us to talk to Him. I know that He likes us to share Him. I know that He offers peace and comfort and love. And because I find myself loving Debbie, I find myself caring about what she cares about. And if she asks me to talk to God, well, how easy is that? And how powerful and true is He to listen?

It's like a pyramid scheme. Deb asked, and now I am asking you. Will you pray for this family? Maybe by the end of the day, God will have shown Himself through love and blogship to more than we could have ever imagined. Maybe that family, who already feels the strength of God, will feel more comfort and love than before.

Miracles? Well, God gave us Baby Witt and now look. I am talking to you about God and faith and prayer. Witt is a little miracle maker already, eh?

Happy Life!


  1. Well once again I am at my keyboard crying. Thank you for a beautiful post. You said so much that I wanted to and couldn't express. And could there ever be a better pyramid than this one. Just Plain Debbie

  2. I love the tenderness of your heart, Mindy. More prayers going up for Baby Witt and his sweet family.

  3. Mindy, I read your request and was touched by the your words and thoughts. I will certainly be praying for this family. And I will link to their blog, since I don't have the widget to allow me to display the button. Thanks for passing this on.

  4. Glad to know a "sister in Christ".


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