Tuesday, October 28, 2008

See Kathie. See Kathie's Stuff.

Here she is! Miss Kathie, our new cohort at Primitiques. Doesn't she look patriotic?

Kathie went to Kansas for some junking and look at what she brought back. This kick booty stand. The book part is kinda spring loaded. Who amongst us has seen one of these before? The woman can "do" primitive, eh?

Check out this magazine rack. Love the black.

An old phone box. I do like natural, unpainted wood. This could be good for lotsa stuff.

I know. Not the best picture. There is a bedazzled butter knife on top and then some jewels around the base. I think it would look good on the buffet with a pecan, cream cheese ball concoction during the holidays. Or you could serve up the head of your favorite doll on it, maybe?

Insulators. Place card holders with wire? Flower holders? Candle holders? Huh. Any ideas?
It's First Monday weekend and we are less than an hour away from Canton and less than an hour away from Dallas. Come see us!


  1. Great stuff! I wish I had known about your store when I lived in Texas!


  2. tell me more about that cake plate!! Love it and everything else. I can't wait to visit your store.

  3. Welcome to Miss Kathie! She brought some great goodies!


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