Monday, October 20, 2008

Visit the Snakeman

I am always amazed when David sends a picture he has taken of me. He manages to bring out the best in me and I'm not sure how. Is it the fancy camera? The good eye behind the camera? Or is it me, looking at the man I love? I know, I'm just goofy. But, I often wonder.

Why do I call him Snakeman? Well his handle on flickr is Snakelover61. Cher dubbed him Snakeman, and I like it!

The Snakeman happens to enjoy photography and he took a few photos this weekend at Primitiques. Check 'em out. My store looks good through his eyes, too!


  1. I told Snakeman and I'll tell you too. That picture is so cool! I love his play on the faux ice block with a heater on it! His depth of field makes the heater, block, and globe really pop.

    Now, tell the truth here...are you dating him for him? or for his photography skills? Truth or dare, girlfriend.

    The Texas Woman

  2. The truth? Honey, have you seen the man? He is HOT! Truth all the way! ~Mindy

  3. Mindy:

    Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog so that I got a chance to check out yours. Amazing stuff! The false teeth were a HOOT. I believe it is a little stove or heater that you have up just now. I LOVE it!

    Before the blog world, I thought I was the only eccentric trash picker and utilizer of junk. My mother, "Miss Finishing School" was typically horrified at what I would salvage. Now I realize that I am part of a whole, green, keep-it-out-the-landfill nation.

    Happy junking,

    Anne at the View from 256

  4. Your store is precious! And WOW! you and Snakeman are both HOT! Thanks for your comments, come visit me often, and keep shooting great pictures! I love the name of your town! So romantic!

  5. You look great! I liked your pictures in the earlier post .. I love that rusty hinge one!


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