Thursday, October 2, 2008

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

It's Homely Coming Dance Night! Are y'all taking pics? Having fun? We can't all be at the Junk Gypsy Prom-o-Rama in Warrenton, so we are making do at home. Did I say "making do"? Noooooo! We are having fun! Fun! FUN!

April, a blogger who comments, but hasn't made a profile, has sent me pics of her dance night in Nebraska. Would you look at all that bling? And is that something dead on your shoulder, April? I bet she and her hubby (one of my old college buds) are dancing the night away. How could he resist? Look at those legs!
I am all dressed! Makeup. Jewelry. Hat. Outfit. The music is cranked. The stars are bright. The moon is but a sliver.

A bit about my couture. I am donning an old wedding petticoat slip. When I was a wee young lass, I was the keeper of the wedding slip. Every time a friend got married, they would say "who has the slip?" and the answer was always "Mindy." Always the slip keeper, never the bride? I couldn't tell you who bought this thing originally. But, I bet over 20 gals wore it while exchanging their vows!
The top I'm wearing is a lovely little undergarment I have always, before tonight, worn as an undergarment. Yep, that is a brown bra you see. I thought it would bring out the cow hide in the belt.
The boots? Oooo, aaaah, don't you love my snake skin boots? I don't believe any animals were harmed in the making of these boots. Surely, some poor snake was found dead of natural causes in a field, and a nice person harvested his skin for recycling purposes only.

The bling? Well, who knew I had so many pearl necklaces? I do believe most of the necklaces and the earrings are family heirlooms. The necklace with pearls and gold chain worn as a choker? This is a fine purchase I made from Deb York, Miss Talking White Trash herself!

The hat. Don't ask. I have no idea where it came from. But, I wear it when I mow. I threw a piece of bling on it. Cuz, it couldn't hurt, could it?

And you ask me, "Were there witnesses to this solo Homely Coming Dance in the backyard?" Sure!
Post your pics and comment so we can see!


  1. Dang, it's 6:30 am and I thought I'd be the first to post my prom pics. (sadness) But I wasn't. April beat me to it, durn her hide!!! I knew I wouldn't beat you, Mindy. Snakeman probably took your pictures in your street clothes as you wandered in from the bar - the salad bar, that is!

    Thanks, Mindy, for the fun virtual dance. IT Guy and I swayed to the tunes of Palin and Biden and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

    The Texas Woman

  2. I think you look lovely, dear! I did not take the pictures, Cher. I suspect that would be her sis. Either that, or she has mastered the art of the self timer way beyond my own abilities. Very nicely done, Mindy!

  3. M-just a couple of quick questions-1. When are you going to come out of your shyness. 2. Exactly what are you open for? I remember that choker! Debbie

  4. Thanks, David!

    Cher, I figured out the self-timer thingy and I "worked it". Some pics could probably stand cropping, but it was late and I was sweeepy. I'm sure the wildlife were entertained by all this dancing and posing! I should have turned the strobe light on for more inspiration!

    Debbie, I was open for dancing and posing! And yes, I am working on that whole shy thing. haha Love that choker!


  5. What a hoot. The Thing on my shoulder is a shawl that reminds me of my great-grandmother. Let's Start from the top for this outfit. First a have a Blue Bow in my bun, then of course the matching big round 80's glasses that I really wore back then. An ear cuff, Blue Big Dangle Earrings that I would never wear in public again. A 10 strand gold and yellow beaded choker and a cameo pendant necklace. The dress is a double breasted coat dress with shoulder pads. A big diamond ring broach and a corsage adorn the breast area of my ensemble. The gold engraved 1-1/2" wide bracelet and a 6 strand pearl bracelet are on the wrists, with many large rings on the fingers. The shoes are black with flowers on top. Not to mention panty hose with open toed shoes!! It was a lot of fun and my 7-year old daughter laughed at my get up.

  6. April, I still have all my old glasses, too! And I thought I saw something in your hair. Now why, my friend, why, do you still have the double breasted dress with shoulder pads? Are you not aware that when you get rid of an item, you get to bring a new one in? Donate that baby and go shopping! haha Glad you and the family got to enjoy the virtual dance.

    Cher, I just noticed your arm tassle thingys. Girl! You put a lot of thought into this, too.

    Aren't we a pretty lot?


  7. Ya'll looked so cute, you and Cher, but you both will have to bring your prom dresses to the Spring event!! You'd have a blast!!!!!


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