Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What on Earth?

This mountain of tire sidewalls can be seen from I35, north of Hillsboro. Any ideas just what this is all about? There is a black tarp, overlaid with a white tarp, which is held down by these sidewalls all tied together. Snakelover and I saw it a few weeks ago.
Saturday, Miss Talking Trash and I pulled over to explore and we are still clueless. There was some standing water at the bottom of the hill and it was quite stinky. Landfill cover, maybe? An artistic endeavor? What do you know or think about this?


  1. My guess is that it keeps some kind of fairly valuable soil from eroding. Maybe play sand or top soil. Something like that. Just a guess.

  2. He was not a tireless artist.

    The Texas Woman

  3. That was a lot of work. I'd love to know the story.

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  4. Ha, ha, HA! I'm lauging at the Texas Woman's comment. Definitely unique landscaping. I think maybe this would solve my problem with weeding and mowing. I'll see if my hubby will go for the idea. I'd be careful spending too much time never know what you might catch. You could grow an extra head or something if you hang out too long.


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