Tuesday, October 21, 2008


What a day! Mom and I got to meet, eat lunch and visit with the one and only Theresa of Garden Antqs. Talk about treats! Have you any idea what a delightful lady she is? I must confess, I stared at her for over an hour and I cannot begin to guess how old this beauty is. From her childrens' ages and the years she has been married, I am quite convinced that things were happening in her life when she was barely in her two digit years. Seriously. How DO you maintain your youth, Ms. Theresa? Wow! I want in on that secret.

More confessions? I am inspired to do this after reading the FringeGirl's confessions. She is a hoot. If you haven't discovered her yet, whatcha waitin' on? Click over and start laughing.

Back? Now, more confessions.

I have a goofy functioning brain. If things aren't familiar, my brain doesn't always latch on. My friend Mayron? Well, how many Mayron's have you met? I'm tellin' ya, I had to be told her name numerous times before I could remember it. I wrote it down as it was spelled to me and I stared at it for a very long time. I called her the M-lady behind her back for weeks before my brain caught up.
So, my friend, Mayron told me years ago about how she and her business partner, Marcie used to do a show in Fayetteville. In fact, small world, Theresa of Garden Antqs used to set up at this sale. Mayron told me they did this show at the same time as Round Top/Warrenton. I always thought it was fairly risky of them to go to Arkansas when all the dealers/buyers were heading south. It wasn't until about 3 months ago that I found out that Texas boasts it's very own Fayetteville and it happens to be outside of the Warrenton/Round Top area. Holy Cow. They weren't going to Fayetteville, Arkansas after all.
One more confession. During this very blog, I figured out how to send you to the person's blog without including all that html garble-dee-goop. I'm feeling quite accomplished.
Your turn. Any good confessions? Do tell....
ps. I can't get my paragraphs to be paragraphs in the lower portion of this post. I suppose this is my punishment for feeling cocky and proud about the danged click on link thingy.


  1. It looks as though flowers are growing out of your head. Must be all that fertile soil. ;-) I confess... I'm crazy about you!

  2. I confess. I don't know how "to send you to the person's blog without including all that html garble-dee-goop." Teach me Saturday and I'll show you how to correct the paragraph situation.

    The Texas Woman

  3. Can you hear me laughing at David's comment!! Reminds of exactly what we talked about yesterday, too funny!! I had the best time and I'll pay when I see you for your sweet comments.

  4. Glad you girls had a great time, wish I had been there!

  5. More confessing...I thought I was FREE of this! During a recent trip to the gym (I knew it wasn't a good idea to exercise), I got off the treadmill and was making my way towards the free weights, when I fell flat on my face. I became the comic relief for everyone on the verge of a treadmill induced heart-attack.

    AVOID GYMS - that's my new philosophy.


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