Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Still Alive. Now What?

When I was about 5 1/2 years old, I drew this picture. Quite the artist, eh?
2010January29 002
I handed it to my mother and told her that when I died, I wanted the picture buried with me. Seriously! I did! Look. She wrote my wishes on the back of my art work.
2010January29 004
I guess you could say I have always been warped regarding death. And I always thought that I'd die young. At the age of 43, I am willing to say that if I die today, I outlived my very own expectations. (Let's not debate on whether I am still young. Of course, I am. But, not to a 5 1/2 year old!)

So, I was visiting with a friend today, via email and we were discussing some ideas I have for my future, after I retire from my "real job" (yes, I have a real job). I was throwing around the idea of owning my own shop, where I would play good music, have good smells, fresh homemade food stuff, tea, wine, a pet cat and a real, wood burning fire place, along with kick booty antiques and home decor. Sure. I can dream!

Here is what my friend said, in part, regarding her present job and impending retirement:
"It's been a real trip, but it's made an old woman out of me.... So many things I was gonna do when I retired that won't happen... I wanted to train and work search/rescue dogs (bad neck/back..won't happen.) I wanted to build a place on the farm to take care of my orphan babies (no money, won't happen.) Wanted to finally finish my degree.. decided I was smart enough...won't happen...!!! I guess what I'm telling you is go for what you want before you wake up someday as a Walmart greeter!! I think you've got a great idea there with excellent potential."

And she added:
"I have faith in you, though. You can do anything you set your mind to! "

This, from a woman who has known me for over 15 years.

So, I consider myself in my freshman year of exploration. I am preparing for life after this job. Exploring options. Considering abilities. Developing skills. Picking brains. Surrounding myself with diverse, experienced folks. A sponge. I am a sponge.

I am getting finances in order. Attempting to take better care of my body. Considering what further education I might need to better my potential.

Because, you see, when the day comes, I want to be ready. I don't want to be an old woman with dreams unfulfilled or out of reach.

Thank you, my friend.

I am alive and I am inspired.

May her words inspire you, as well.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh - I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mindy - that is so awesome and a WONDERFUL friend that you have in her!!! The drawing ain't so bad either. LOL

    I wake up each day and make it a point to think about my goals and aspirations so that during the day I know I'm working towards something greater... I think it keeps me real - and sometimes slightly focused. LOL

    Okay - when you see her tell her to give you a hug, you give HER a hug and then tell her to start writing an inspirational book... her selling point could be the "realness" of who she is.

    ;-) Now get to work... and blow out all candles at the end of the day so you don't burn your shop down. When you open your own, I will make you a sign that says that to put on your required fire extinguisher.

    :-) robelyn
    oh, and don't forget... you are still in charge of my displays - I don't care how many shops you own. LOLOLOLOL

  2. I like to call it "plowing the fields" so when the day comes, I'm ready. Good advice.
    P.S. BTW, who is that a drawing of?

  3. Mindy thank you--I needed that! We are the same young age :)!

  4. Wow...very powerful advice! She certainly makes a great point. We sometimes stay so focused on the future that we forget to live today! I had been planning on giving my parents a trip to Hawaii for their 50th anniversary for several years. When their 48th rolled around I thought...what am I waiting for??? Who knows what the future holds and they should enjoy Hawaii right now. They had a great trip! Thanks for the inspirational post...I believe in you as well!

  5. Excellent post and I love the pic...amazing what we think of when we are young.

    I was so afraid the world would end in the year 2000. When I was about 10...I kept thinking how old I would be then and if I had time enough to be married and have kids.

    I was married by 1988 and had 2 children by 1991.....I fulfilled my deepest wishes at the time. I also would pray to God to atleast give me 50 years of a good life.....granted I was a youngster then too.

    Now that I hit 40 and my ex husband(father of my children)died just about a month ago at 40.....50 seems to short a life for me.

    I may be selfish but I want to see my grandchildren.....have children. I am much to young and I have so many dreams to fullfil.

    I say.....dream those dreams but make sure you are working towards fulfilling them before it is to late!

    As your blog and your wonderful finds :)

  6. Wow girl, you were 5 and a half when you drew that??? Too cool. That means that it is a vintage piece of paper so how much does that go for these days??? Just kidding!!!! I love it and I love the story behind it. Only thinking about death is a sad thing and we are so not ready to bury you yet friend!!!!!
    everything vintage

  7. Sound like really good advice. I had a real (day) job, before I started this business 11 years ago. I have had a variety of jobs over the years and one of the things I know is eventually it all becomes work, but I do really enjoy do what I do. I love being able to be creative, and interacting with like minded people. Even though physically it can be a bit taxing, I am glad that I decide to take the plunge!
    Sounds like you are going to be a lot more ready than I was!

  8. Ok, Every single thing about this is fabulous! You've inspired me.

    "Because, you see, when the day comes, I want to be ready. I don't want to be an old woman with dreams unfufilled or out of reach."

    I think every one of us should copy that statement and put it on her fridge. I know I am!

    Can't wait to see all that you accomplish. I know it will be big and beautiful too.

  9. Mindy, there was a tree growing out of your head...or maybe an atomic bomb! :) That is so sweet that your mom saved this drawing all these years! I totally agree with the friend who gave you the advice! I, too, waited too long to follow my dreams. Get your plans together and set an early deserve it!

  10. You just made my day! Thank you so very much for sharing with us. Your friend is right - sometimes you just got to go for it in life - and you have plenty of time - heck, I'm 51 and 1/2 and still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up!!

  11. Mindy, I think you can do anything you set your mind to - you have the energy, the drive and the smarts. Honestly, I don't know how you do everything you do! Your plan sounds totally doable to me.

  12. Mindy, I love this, and it is beautifully written. It takes some people a life time to try and discover what they want to be when they grow up.
    I have to say that you are also on the right path to your dreams right now, though. From doing the antique shows and maintaining two beautiful booths, you are already gathering quite a following. You are also learning many lessons along the way.

  13. I love that your mom took your wishes so serioulsy that she wrote that on the back. Too precious!

    Sounds like you've got an air-tight plan there, girl!


  14. When I was little, I thought that 32 was OLD! I guess I must be older than dirt now at 48. LOL.

    I really like what I'm doing now. I just need to make more $$ doing it!

    Happy hunting,

  15. If you take the time to get acquainted with a Walmart greeter, you may find it's not a disgrace to be one. Thank you.


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