Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Chair and more Divan Talk

2010January25_Free Chair 001
We're gonna try something new at Primitiques. Every Monday, I am going to post up something for FREE. It must be picked up from the store before the next Monday. First come, first served. No holds. No dibs. Get there and load it up. Today, I offer up this project chair. It has great lines. You could cut off the back and arms, recover the cushion and have a great stool or side table. You could take it to a furniture person to have it properly repaired. You could use it to start a fire. Whatever! It's free and it will be at the store tomorrow (Tuesday) morning by 9:00am. The minute it walks out the door, I will let you know here, in the comments section. Will I see you in Poetry tomorrow morning? *wink*

If you can't make it out to Poetry tomorrow, but you are interested in the chair, and you are reading this on my blog, keep up with it's status by clicking below the comment box at "Subscribe by email"...I'll post up when it's gone and you'll be notified. FB friends, I will post a comment on this note.

This weekend is First Monday at Canton. You might swing by and pick it up on your way. Hmmm...if it's still there!
2010January25_Free Chair 003
In the meantime, I am cleaning up my screened porch so that I can show you my very own pullout divan. It is made quite similarly to the divan I posted about finding on the scrap truck last week. I agree. We will keep it as is. No wall hangings, unless you buy it and make it that. Heck, the recently acquired one would look way cool with an old sleeping bag thrown over it. I need to go to Goodwill. Can you hear the wheels turning from there? You know. The old green ones with the black and red checks? I know. I don't gravitate to those colors. But, dang, that would be cool in a cabin!

Happy Monday!

ps. A big thanks to Lezlee from the blog, Prior. She came out for some shopping and a visit this weekend. Here are her kind words left on my last post:
"So enjoyed seeing you Sat. at Poetry! What a charming community. We loved your store and the two in Terrell you recommended. " How sweet is she? Lezlee, it was great to see you again and I enjoyed meeting your sister and son!


  1. I think your vision for the chair as a footstool is a great one. I'm sure it will find a creative home quickly!

  2. cool chair - i have the overstuffed version of this chair - with the exact same break in the exact same location .. too funny .. mine is currently covered in green mohair and painted black .. but yours is much much better .. cause it is free. ..

    the footstool idea is a good one ..


  3. Girl - that chair has some heart! Do you see it? LOLOLOL I'm likin' the footstool (or would it be ottoman?)... you could use the ottoman in front of the divan (love the sleeping bag idea!) and then set something to the side as an occasional table.

    why do i feel this sudden urge to go re-arrange my living room?

    ;-) robelyn

  4. well, if you put the rouned top piece back on and cut out the rest of the caning you could use it as toilet paper holder, sorta kinda or hang a mirror from it and put a plant on the seat...too bad I live so far away...dang it ox


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