Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playing in the Corner

I did manage to move the Christmas tree from the corner this weekend. It hasn't made it to the barn yet, but it is closer. What is up with a fake tree that sheds? I have needles all over my carpet like I forgot to water it or something.
2009December10_Fireplace 017
The minute I stripped the tree down, boxed the goodies and moved the shedding monstrosity a few feet over, you know I felt the urge to play. There was a whole, entire corner screaming for something. Here is what I've done, so far.
2010January12-My house 002
Yes. That is the chair I got Saturday. It needs some fabric cleaner. And I really should load the bookshelf with something. I was mainly going for scale. Still working on it. But, for now, I thought I'd share my little corner of the world with you.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm lovin' your corner! Isn't it great taking down one season and putting up something new? (Well, the putting up something new part is fun)...Andrea

  2. You're one up on me, girl! I haven't even started yet. And I have six trees. Yes, count 'em, six! I haven't taken a single one down. My bad. Your corner's lookin' good! Now you just have to fill those shelves :)


  3. Is that a mattress spring thingy? whatever it is I love it, and that little chair is too cute! OK, don't tell anyone, but my two trees are bare still setting where they were (I'm pretending they are topiaries) because it's too darned cold to put them back in the boxes in the garage. I may have to have a spring thaw before I can get back to normal! what's normal? LOL

  4. Lani and Debra, I feel like I should have bragging rights, as I do have all of Christmas down out of both stores. Shouldn't that be recognized? That was some work, let me tell ya.

    Lani, I may ditch the bookshelf. Haven't decided.

    Debra, I'm not real sure what it is. But, I like it, too!

    Andrea, I always have fun shopping in my own house. I usually have that somethin' somethin' I'm looking for. ~Mindy

  5. Fake trees that shed...don't you have to pay extra for those? Your tree will also turn brown in another month! :)

  6. Look at that... you saved me a seat!!! Thanks!!! I'll be there shortly....

    I love it!!! At least the tree's not flocked... I've heard those are the worst...LOLOLOLOL

    ;-) robelyn

  7. I like your corner. It's got lots of great character.


  8. I know! What IS up with fake shedding trees??? I swept up needles for days!

    Love your little corner!

  9. And what's that tall, metal, rusty thing to the side that I think I'm coveting? I like the baby bed springs looking thing, too. And the chair.

  10. Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Sorry...it was just waiting to be said!

  11. I love what you did with your corner, Mindy!


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