Friday, January 22, 2010

It's a Divan

Have you heard the word "divan"? Wikipedia says: "A divan is a piece of couch-like sitting furniture."

My grandmother had a divan. With a grin, that's what I call my sofa. It's old school. I like it. Divan.

Remember the rusty cot thing I got yesterday?

2010January22-rusty divan 002
I'd say it's a divan. Check this out.
2010January22-rusty divan 004
It lays out into a bed.

Now. I have to decide. Will it remain as is, and Carolyn Westbrook or Judy Hill or Sweet Pea Collection it up with fabulous pillows and linens? Or shall I part it out for wall hangings and cheese graters? Hmmm...what would you do?

If I fluff it up, I can see everyone lounging on it at Zapp Hall, drinking wine, visiting and posing while David snaps photos. Ha!
(Well, until someone comes along and buys it, anyway!)

If I part it out, someone will buy the parts and use clothes pins to display pictures and recipes and whatever on the springs. Hmmm...

Again, I ask. What would you do with it?

Happy Weekend!


  1. I'd fluff it up! Would be so much fun on a covered porch!

  2. Deck that bad boy out with fluffy pillows and lounge away!!!!

  3. I say keep it as is. These are hard to find in good condition. Yep, the "divan" was in the living room and the couch was in the den.I love floofy.

  4. Linen it up! Fluff it, plump it and make it your own! It is too cool to take apart and use for parts! Cool find!

  5. That *is* pretty neat. Sounds like the consensus so far is dress it up. I was like you and couldn't decide. But I think everyone is on the right track.

  6. Wait for a broken down piece to come along to cut up. Keep this groovy thing as is :)

  7. Mother always called our sofas "divans" and the end tables "commodes" which would crack us up! She was so foo foo.
    To me, I'd call it a "hired hand's" bed. Doesn't that sound cool? I'd probably put a ticking mattress on it and tons of pillows.

  8. I'd make the bed and add lots of pillows, but I guess the point is to sell stuff. So, if you can sell it by parting it out, I would do that.

    I'm sure whatever you decide, it will be awesome and more than I could imagine when it was hanging out of the back of the junk truck. :-)


  9. Keep it like it is! Very cool, would be neat on a porch!

  10. Oh please, pretty please do fluff it out first, then if you tire of it, you can always take her apart.

  11. Oh.... I have no words of wisdom what-so-ever... I see funky cool wall art - I see funky cool divan... and just so you know, I referred to my couch as a divan in your honor. LOLOLOLOL

    I say... maybe fluff it up in red something (or burlap?) and put square stuff... like a couple of old heaters or radiator covers or some paint-by-numbers or something as the "throw pillows"... just because that would be fun! LOLOLOL And then you could make it it's own "coffee table" out of.... i don't know... a mechanics cart.

    yeah. I can't wait to see what you decide!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  12. I would fluff it up and fill it with pillows.

  13. My Grandmother called it a divan...have not thought about that in years. She also called earrings "Ear Bobs" or "Ear Screws". We also did not have lunch, we had dinner. The evening meal was supper. Wow, you have me reminiscing now. I also vote that you use it as a divan and fluff it up. I would love to sit and chat at Zap Hall. I am already getting excited about our spring trip!

  14. Ok. Whew! We are all on the same page. What I didn't tell you is that I have a very similar, cleaned up piece that is on my screened porch. I sleep on it during the warmish/coolish nights throughout the year. Love it! Maybe I'll post it sometime soon. Thanks, everybody! ~Mindy

  15. Dear Mr. Flannery,

    According to my mother, a trundle bed has enough room between springs to allow for a mattress. This piece does not have such space.

    How is life on the tundra? ~Mindy

  16. Pillows and linens and all manner of soft, squishy stuff to make it all comfy.
    That's MY vote! :-)


  17. Yes most of the trundles I've seen in my work as a helper at B&B's have space for the mattress when it is folded up underneath the bed. That was my first thought also. I like the divan I think there are probably not so manny like this anymore so keep it as a divan please ;) I want one when I am able to get one for my front screened in porch.


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