Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Shopping Finds

After some good sales lately at Winnie & Tulula's and at Primitiques, it was time for me to do some shopping. And you know how much I love to shop! I heard the weather in Canton was going to be ugly today, so I chickened out and visited one of my local honey holes.

First, I picked up this lovely plaster wall hanging. Divine, isn't it?

2010January28_Finds 007
Then, I selected these tables.
2010January28_Finds 003
Wire baskets and finials...
2010January28_Finds 008
All coming to a store in Poetry or Athens soon! However, I am toiling on whether to replace my current, small wood coffee table with this new, big glass top beauty.
2010January28_Finds 010
2010January28_Finds 012

Happy Thursday!


  1. okay...if you decide on the glass...I'm more than HAPPY to take the old table off of your hands. :)

  2. The glass table looks good with the couch.


  3. I adore the table on the far left! Do you deliver? Minnesota? Puh-leeeeeeeez?

  4. So you escaped the weather!!!! Looks like you had a lucrative day of shopping. I vote for the glass table too. Jan

  5. Amy, the glass on the top has some ghosty mirroring on it...just a little. Enough to make you say "ooooooo". I can deliver if you can pay my way there! he he he ~Mindy

  6. Mindy, You made a haul girl! My heart skipped a beat with the the one on the left, those legs! and those baskets! I agree, the glass table to replace the wooden one- looks like it was meant to be. ~judi ;)

  7. Looks like you got some good finds..Also dig the table on the left. Very cool..

  8. Uhmmm... first off - i will take the mid-size table on the left off of your hands... second off - OH MY GOSH MINDY!!! I love the glass top coffee table!!! Do it do it!!! And the finials and the wire baskets and the plaster medallion ... dang...

    I've gotta go - I'm drooling and I think I'm shorting out my computer.

    ;-) robelyn

  9. I like the new coffee table better!

  10. Great finds! Do replace your old table with the glass one. you go girl!

  11. I love y'all! Thanks for the input. I'm going to go with the glass the room. See how I feel about it. Right now, it seems so oversized. But, you can see why I feel that way, considering the ultra tiny thing I've been using! ~Mindy

  12. Love those wire baskets and finials, Mindy!


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