Monday, January 11, 2010

Put on your Shopping Hat

2010January9_W&T's 011
Put on your hats and let's go spend some money! Saturday, my friend, Mayron and I hit the road for some shopping. We met up with Robelyn for lunch and..hang you know how to pronounce Robelyn? Because she is a redneck, I just Southern Fried that name, as we do in Texas. It is not Roby Lynn'. It is not Roba Lynn'. What was JFK's wife's name? The long, proper version. I'll remind you. Jacquiline. Now, let's try Rob'uh lin. Correct. Stress the Rob and drop off the uh and the lin. I am still working on it myself. She said she answers to anything. But, let's respect her Momma and Daddy and make an effort, shall we?

After filling up the truck with goodies, Mayron and I headed to Winnie & Tulula's to restock my space and to shop some more. That White Sale is rockin' the house! Have you been yet?
2010January9_W&T's 006
2010January9_W&T's 007
After that fun filled day, I was inspired to work at Primitiques Sunday. I grabbed up a bunch of the 40% off stuff and threw it on the front table and pew so you could find it easier. Check out all that red! Doesn't it look like a Valentine's Day vignette?
2010January10_Primitiques 012
2010January10_Primitiques 011
The entire store is 20-40% off now through Saturday, January 16.
2010January10_Primitiques 024
2010January10_Primitiques 015
Y'all come out and shop. I need some space for the goodies I keep finding on these shopping sprees. And, you know, Warrenton is coming up. Well, it's less than 3 months away. In buying terms, that means I better get busy! Did I tell you I doubled my space at Zapp Hall this year? Suweeet!

Happy Monday!

ps. How 'bout them Cowboys???


  1. you have some super duper stuff...seriously good. I love architectural elements.


  2. My mama calls me "robye", my friend calls me "bo bo" and some call me "rob" or "robin"... I get lots of head scratchin' and "how do you spell that?"... I don't even know how to spell it. I'm changin' my name to Ellie Mae.

    I had so much fun with you guys!!! We are for ssssuuuuuurrrrre gonna have to do that again/alot more!!! Thank You - I enjoyed it mucho enchilada!!!

    I'm off to the state "change your name" office... I think from here on out I'll be "ellie mae ductape". yep. Wait, how do you spell that?

    Happy Monday!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  3. Wow...doubled your space! I can't wait. I start looking forward to the next Warrenton the day I drive off from it. Always a great time and so fun to meet other bloggers whose names I recognize. Have fun shopping and stay warm.

  4. Mindy you've got everything lookin' good as always. We are still draggin' around with our booth. We sure need to find goodies, just isn't much to be found around here, I hope when Spring arrives there will be more going on.

    All I'm gonna say about the name deal is there is not a week that goes by that I don't get frustrated with someone spelling my name wrong.
    How simple can you get Tracy - Not Tracey, Traci or Tracie. Goodness......

  5. Sounds like so much fun, and with Robby Lynn, well it would just HAVE to be fun. Your shop looks awesome, love all that red/white vignette goodies! AND wow, Mindy, double your pleasure, double your fun at Zapp!

  6. Okay, first things first....what is that thing in your first pic???? Looks a bit like an old boyfriend, but I digress...

    You and Ellie Mae Duct Tape = Trouble! But of the good variety, of course.

    Yay for bigger Warrenton spaces! I'll be headed over to visit you whenever Effie lets me out of my cage in Bar W Field! ;-)


  7. Mindy,
    I sure hope the sales are great for you guys...everything is such eye candy! Congrats on the double space at Zapp! With any luck I will be able to see it first hand this spring!

  8. It's been so long since I've been shopping like that. I am oversaturated. I've still a box of antiques sitting on my floor from Christmas and another in my workshop from last year's Christmas! I have yet to find homes for that stuff. I'm an insult to antiquing! BUT to be there and to see and finger stuff, think of the stories, that would be mighty fine.

  9. YAY for bigger spaces...and who doesn't need more space?

    I can't wait to see you!!!


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