Friday, January 8, 2010

What is Up and the Fun of Facebook

I've been shopping. Got this:
2010January6-WnT's 001
And these...they are gone already:
2010January6-WnT's 003
Picking this up tomorrow:
chair 4
And then, there is facebook. I have had a facebook page for a while now. I thought I had it down pretty good, so it was time to put my big girl panties on and start a page for Primitiques 'n Poetry. I took the plunge yesterday and got 'er up.

Now. You know it couldn't go smoothly. When I went to invite folks from my email boxes, to join my business page, guess what. Every single one of them got invited to my personal page. Oooops! I still, to this very moment, do not know how I could have done it differently. It's not that my personal page is all that, I just thought I didn't want to mix my high school buds with my professional buds. Why, I don't know. Just seemed like a good idea, segregation. "High school buds, let me introduce you to my blogging/professional buds!" Cuz, everyone is all mixed together now.

I think I have invited everyone from personal over to the Primitiques 'n Poetry page now. Let's see, I think you can click Here and if you have a facebook page you can go directly to it.

I hope to update photos on it. "Fans" can leave reviews and post photos of Primitiques. Ummm...well, it's just another place for us to all play, isn't it?

Sales continue at Winnie & Tulula's and at Primitiques through Saturday, January 16. Come see us!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Purty chair, say howdy to Troy and Rod! :-)


  2. I swear, one of these days, I am gonna hide in the bushes and follow you on your garage sale expeditions! You get the best stuff! Love the screen!!! I signed up on your personal FB page and on your professional FB page! I like to be a little of both! :) I am still working on getting wheels on that the just need the help! :)

  3. You always have the best stuff!! Where do you find these lovelies?? I love the screen. I accepted you on FB!!

  4. Hello Mindy, I just read your blog. You may have answered my question. Are you Mindy Sue? sandi

  5. Nice screen. Those sell well here on the tundra.

  6. Mindy, you crack me up! Thanks for stopping by JunkFest today....come back real soon.
    As for FB....I haven't the foggiest how to put our blog on there. I don't mind mingling with your high school buds though.

  7. I absolutely cannot add another techno to my list! I can't keep up with everything now...please don't make me...Janet's tried, but I gotta draw the line somewhere!
    Great screen, btw!

  8. Mindy, you're brave, I just haven't gotten there yet. Love that Chippendale-ish screen!

  9. I have added myself to your fan page. It looks like it's off to a good start. I am having serious junk withdrawl. I want to go junkin!!!

    Happy hunting,

  10. love that chair... hope you are staying warm.. hugs.. val

  11. That Facebook thing...still trying to figure it out myself!

  12. Those chairs! I always love the things you find. I am thinking of going to Houston this weekend. I might even hit the Big Red Barn. Are you going to be there?

  13. I really love those wonder they went fast. I just became a fan of your Facebook site...although I was a fun of yours a long time ago. Have a great week.

  14. Betty dear,
    The facebook thing is still new to me, and you are alot braver than I am!! I am still having a hard time finding friends!! Most of mine are either family or someone that has been suggested!! lol. Good luck with yours! :D

  15. I am all about that screen!!! And the chair... and the fringe on the chair...

    dang. Why do you taunt me with these things? It sets off a whole house reno and I don't think I can bump it up more than the 72 of them that happen each year...


    ;-) Happy Sunday!!!

  16. You ain't kiddin' about FB. I have some relatives that are wondering what I mean when I refer to "junk" or "I'm going junkin'" - they think their cousin (my husband) is married to a fruitcake. Geesh.

    Thanks for checking out our blog and all our alcohol related junk items :)!! Guess we have a one-track mind!!

    Have a great Sunday,woman! Andrea

  17. You are the opposite from me ~ I don't want to befriend my HS and college chums on FB. They have too many stories on me that would severely damage my reputation. ; )

  18. Y'all are great! Thanks! Adrienne, I won't be in Houston. I have shopping/shopper appointments lined up Saturday. And The Cowboys Sunday. Yee haw!

    Denis, we have a heater. You don't have to wait til Spring. ;-)

    Robelyn, I can't wait for our next business meeting. I always come away from them with my wheels turning. ~Mindy

  19. Love all of your treasures!! I am laughing as I read your post about face book as I just finished creating a Girls Gone Junkin page last night and now have trouble pulling it up...I know it is there though! Then.....I did the same thing, sent a fan request to everybody in my facebook friends list! Oh, well all of this can get a bit challenging for the middle age! HAPPY JUNKIN...Cathy Girls gone junkin


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