Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kick Booty Stuff at W&T's

I had a little fun this morning throwing new stuff out in my space at Winnie & Tulula's in Athens. And then, I went around and took pics of cool, new stuff all over W&T's and Sweet Pea Collection. Enjoy!
2010January20-wnt's 004
2010January20-wnt's 007
2010January20-wnt's 016
2010January20-wnt's 030
2010January20-wnt's 026
2010January20-wnt's 028
2010January20-wnt's 020
2010January20-wnt's 022
2010January20-wnt's 033
2010January20-wnt's 035
2010January20-wnt's 017
Can you appreciate the wide variety we offer at this joint?
You wanna know whose is what, don't you? Head to the store and YOU figure it out. *wink*
Seriously? You can click on each pic and it will take you to my flickr account.
Below each picture there, you will see the name or site of the vendor.

Happy Wednesday! ~Mindy


  1. Wow! What great stuff! I have the exact same piece of furniture that you have at W&T's except mine is dark, dark. I have had it forever. It is my tv stand right now.

    Tomorrow, I am going to post a couple of pics of the tables I bought from you! Check it out!

  2. Love the girls Skirt but of course I do believe they are two of the most talented ladies in W&T next to my mom of course ;) LOL

  3. Thanks for showing such entising pictures of W & T' much fun to window shop! One of these of these days, I'll see it first hand!
    Hope you're having a good week

  4. I'll take one of each please... and the armadillo.

    Thank You, Thank You very much.

    Now I'm going shopping on your flickr page... where once again I will take one of each please.

    ;-) robelyn

  5. Awesome stuff! Love the rooster and the gold skirt thingy in the first picture is very fanciful. So fun!


  6. I want those majorettes from old trophies! What a great hood ornament for that old beater truck of mine! I always wanted to be a Kilgore Majorette, dammit. I need boots, too. size 7 or 6 1/2 if they are not skinny.
    thanks, baby! ox

  7. I want the oak Gothic Revival sideborad.

  8. I want to say thank you for including my stuff in the "kick booty" category!


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